Video Editing Features Complete Photoshop CS6

Previously, Adobe has plans to release Photoshop CS6, the latest version of software that is often a mainstay in the field of image-editing, in mid 2012. In fact, Adobe has released a sneak peek video that explains the new features of Photoshop that will complement the latest series.

However, Adobe has decided to take a bigger step. The company was founded by Charles Geschke and John Warnock has released a beta version of Photoshop CS6.

When Photoshop CS5 made his debut in 2010, Adobe completes the program with a feature that became his trademark at the time, called Content Aware Fill. With these features, you can fill the empty space in the photo or image in accordance with what is around it, such as adding pictures of the sky or clouds and green grass.

In the CS6, Content Aware Fill feature will be accompanied by some interesting features. As an early example, is Content Aware Patch feature that can make you specify and choose which parts of the image that will be analyzed by Photoshop to be filled in one of the empty space.

The latest features are more “cool” is the Content Aware Move that will allow you to move an object in a photo and instantly repair Photoshop background images automatically.

In addition, Photoshop has been supplemented by an additional one that really help you in experimenting. Blur Gallery is one that can make you more creative and put some additional variations in each photo. Photoshop also complement the latest version with some features such as tilt-shift variation and blurring the background .

If you think that these features have sounded awesome, you’ve made a big mistake. These features are just three of the 62 percent of the latest features that Adobe has developed. Adobe still had another surprise.

In CS6 beta or often using the pseudonym ‘Superstition’, Adobe provides the latest features such as a video-editing features as well as features for rendering 3D images. These features will complement Photoshop CS6 Extended. In addition, the CS6 is also equipped by Mercury Graphics Engine image processing to boost performance.

Zorana Gee, product manager of Photoshop, said that Adobe intentionally added video editing features for the development of photography in general. “This latest feature to be one of the most important developments in recent years,” said Gee was quoted as saying Oktomagazine from “Many of the photographers now shifted and began to shoot the video.”

The development is considered a revolutionary step is where the auto-save feature. Said to be revolutionary, because Photoshop does not have these features in previous versions. After all, we certainly do not want to lose our best work, even though the computer suddenly crashes, is not it?