Vandroid T1C Exodus Advan Tablet PC

Dynamic modern world now requires every person to be able to activities with smart, fast, precise, and accurate. Wherever they may be but still fun. It required a practical and handy gadget to carry around just like a Tablet PC.

Tablet device in the world especially in the Asia-Pacific region, except Japan is predicted to experience a huge growth spurt. IDC said that of the 2 million unit shipments that occurred in 2010 will increase to 21 million unit shipments in 2015. No wonder Tablet PC has now become a necessity for the urban present.

Its use is also limited as needs and function but at the same time serve as a lifestyle. As if there is something missing if you do not take it during activity. Responding to the increasing market needs, Advan bring Vandroid T1C, a Tablet PC with an awesome performance by using chipsets made by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, America.

Advan T1C is a tablet PC with a pick multifinger touch sensitivity is excellent. Just a light touch of a finger you can directly access and search applications are available in it.

Features using multifinger touch is indeed prepared to respond to more than one touch at the same time so as to make the user feel comfortable in each run existing applications to run applications such as games or music.

Also provided G sensor technology to create a sensation that is felt when users play the game becomes more real and alive.

Excellence Snapdragon chipset processor is more rapid in the performance of all processes running like a picture, if sound, computation, and so on. To support better multitasking performance on the tablet PC.

Saving the battery consumption is also an advantage. Since only one device chipset that works. Battery life is very important because in general the Tablet PC user spends most of his time outdoors.

Snapdragon also work very maximum in gaming applications provided. It will not happen lag (hang) in playing a game – 3D games. Chipset formed in such a way so as to make the Tablet PC look more slender and charming, of course without losing the best optimal performance processors.

Various advantages of the Snapdragon chipset makes the 800 Turbo was elected to serve as the chipset Vandroid T1C by Advan.

Tablet PC output Advan has some excellent features such as 3.5G connection that it is possible to always connected . Not constrained locations making it easier for users to be able to upload or update information from their jobs.

With a battery life up to 49 hours and the various advantages mentioned above make it as a Tablet PC that is reliable and has a sale value to take into account.