Use Windows 8 Through iPad

What is implied in mind when you hear about the two big companies, namely Microsoft and Apple that will collaborate to test the performance of Windows 8? I think you would argue that the news was just a hoax, or fall into the category of “Impossible”. But apparently, this time you can actually try Windows 8 in your iPad.

A company called Splashtop which is engaged in the manufacturing of remote desktop software, just created an application called Win8 Metro testbed. If you have a sum of USD25, an iPad, and a bit of curiosity, then you can simply try out Windows 8 on your iPad.

Through some tech-blogs like, Splashtop is deliberately marketing their products to the developers who do not want to buy a Windows 7 tablet just to test Windows 8. Assuming the developers already have the iPad first, then the price of $ 25 is a pretty affordable for them.

For some fanatics who continue to follow the developments in the technology world, to try the latest operating system from Microsoft that price is a price that is quite worth it. Although still in the form of the application, but the application is able to provide a real picture of Windows 8 and it works really well on the iPad.

Although the response to scrolling and touch screens are not too perfect, because we need to stream data between the PC and iPad via Wi-Fi, but the Windows 8 app has quite good performance when we are surfing the internet and watching videos.

The application is also quite able to work with a maximum when using the built-in keyboard-owned iPad. When you turn on the application, the iPad will automatically adjust the screen size in proportion to the Windows and returns to normal when you disable the application.

However, not everything is working fine. Metro testbed has a screen size of 1024×768 resolution. The resolution could not support the ability of Windows 8 that can run two applications side by side. To be able to run two applications at once, it takes a screen resolution of 1366×768. This application also supports cameras from the iPad.

To return to the main screen (Start screen), you can not directly pressing the “home” section of the iPad, as it will only lead to the elimination of Metro testbed application from your tablet. You have to touch the “home” in the menu “Charm bar” to return to the main screen.

However, these applications are quite satisfactory when assessed as a whole. Metro testbed managed to give the real picture of the Windows 8 tablets that are still in the development stage. Another advantage of this application is the ability to access your desktop with the dial on the Wi-Fi network.

One thing you need to remember before purchasing Win8 Metro testbed. Make sure that you are using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview inside your desktop PC before you throw USD25 vain.