TwitPic Release Application for iPhone

TwitPic has long been a close friend Twitter. Since 2008, TwitPic image hosting has provided services for one of the largest social media world. But now, TwitPic plans to step up to try something new.

On the day of Monday, May 7, 2012 when the United States, TwitPic which has a stable number of users (35 million users), has successfully released its first application for the iPhone. The move is seen as a move that is surprising on the part of the developer TwitPic. It is caused by a number of competitors that previously docked iPhone.

TwitPic is providing various facilities that pamper its users. You can add any number of effects or change the color of the pictures you take, through the facilities photo editor. However, Twitpic late enough to enter this world, because one of the rival, Instagram, has been providing the facility prior to its users.

Although impressed too late, but the TwitPic remains hopeful that the new application will be able to attract the hearts of the lovers of photo-sharing. Confidence in the ability to attract users come from the ease of use of photo-editing features provided by TwitPic. In addition, TwitPic also provide a free application that will reliably keep him at image-sharing genre.

In a release posted on his blog, TwitPic mentioned some advantages of these new applications. In addition to sharing images and video that can be viewed live on the website Twitter, you can also comment on each other in a single image. TwitPic also provides features to look at the pictures that was popular and will continue to be updated on a daily basis.

However, the main advantages provided by TwitPic for such applications, is the “giant” is available on the screen. With these buttons, you can choose which image you upload will be available from the photo library or take a new picture. After that, you can simply perform basic editing of the photo you just took.

These features basic editing, such as cropping, orientation, and lighting arrangement. It’s very interesting to do the editing and change the coloring of your photos, but not least applications that also provide these facilities first. In this case, Instagram is still at the forefront.

Noah Everett, founder of TwitPic, said that he and the development team will release the Android version of the application in June 2012. “We want to provide a better experience for the users TwitPic,” Everett said as quoted Oktomagazine from VentureBeat. “This application will also make a number of users is growing.”