Turn off or Turn on Airplane Mode Mobile!

One of the factors that can lead to a crash of the plane apparently due to signal interference from mobile phone users in the plane. Various safety precautions have done many airlines such as prohibiting the use of cell phones and asking for the phone to remain in conditions or cell phone off during flight remains on airplane mode or airplane mode. In the case of the fall of the Sukhoi SJ100 at Mount Salak few days ago, it was discovered that some of the passengers mobile phone is switched on at the time the plane lost contact. Either there is a connection or not, it is good we listen to how dangerous cell phone signal for flight navigation systems.

Which is a major cause of disruption of electronic systems on aircraft during flight is a radio frequency of the phone. Because it is that the mobile device manufacturers to develop airplane mode that turns off the wireless signal but users can still use their cell phones for things that are considered important for the flight except communicate.

Airplane mode itself has been available on various mobile phones. You can access the different features of the phone without issued radio frequency transmissions can interfere with flight Airplane mode.

To activate airplane mode mobile device, how to open the Settings application on the device. In Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod, the option to turn on airplane mode was on the first page of the Settings application.

For Android devices, select Wireless and Networks in the Settings menu, and then tap Airplane Mode box. When you turn on airplane mode on iPhone or Android device, the homescreen will display a small icon in the same plane that shows the battery level and other status indicators.

You can not receive or make calls on your mobile device when airplane mode is activated. Besides, you can not receive or send text messages or access the Internet, but you can still use it to run a variety of applications, listening to music, or playing games.

To turn off airplane mode, just use the Settings menu again, is the same as the previous step and change into off mode.

One thing that the game play, play movies, or running multiple applications during the flight did not use radio signals, but it turns out it can also compromise the safety of the passengers themselves.

Fact if you have turned on airplane mode, then the radio signal devices including WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth will automatically be turned off. But it turns out when the airplane mode is turned on, the microprocessor phone can still produce some radio frequency interference.

For this reason, the crew usually require passengers to keep cell phones and other portable devices to be turned off during takeoff and landing. Use the device only when the crew tells you that it is safe and only in airplane mode.

Airplane mode was felt quite safe for those who want to keep using your smartphone during a flight, but the plane was off the phone in the most effective way to flight safety.