Through Satellite Control Xbox 360

If you think that playing video games is a useless and gaming console is a tool that will make your time taken up a lot, so it’s good if the opinion is suppressed for a while. Currently, the company is developing a technology for controlling the satellite by using gaming console.

More recently, a British company called Surrey Satellite Technology are developing a nanosatellite which is integrated with the Microsoft Xbox 360. In recent days, the company will control the satellite with the central Kinect technology they develop.

Kinect itself is one of the technologies that could allow us to play without using a physical controller. The technology itself was developed and marketed by Microsoft in November 2010. Besides released for the Xbox 360, Microsoft also released the technology for Windows and marketed on February 1, 2012.

But along with the development of technology that seemed endless, now Kinect is not only used to support the game in the Xbox 360 gaming console. As reported by SlashGear, the company is now reportedly Surrey concentrate to actually realize a satellite that can be controlled with the Kinect technology.

Surrey Company announced the Kinect for Xbox 360 has been used to automate satellite motion, Sovereignty of the People Online reports. Through the Kinect device, the researchers hope that they can control tasks in space quite easily.

Surrey Sattellite Technology also intends through the use of the Kinect can automate satellites while performing tasks docking, cleaning up trash in space, and maneuvering. Skymania site states that the essential functions of the Kinect features will be used to scan the space environment using.

Through the tests carried out, thanks to the use of optical satellite advanced work within the kinect. Optic can control two mini satellites. Both satellites are able to work with two sensors that coordinate with other tasks in accordance with what the Kinect capture.

In addition to the Kinect, the satellite will be named the Strand were also included a smartphone as a computer onboard. Satellite building company based in the city of Surrey in the United Kingdom, will use a Google Nexus as one part of a large project.

Kinect for Microsoft Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360, is the name of the device built by Microsoft. Products are often referred to simply as the Kinect was produced as a motion sensing input device. Easily, you can play a variety of video game and move the characters by simply moving the limbs.

Kinect has been successfully sold and 8 million products only within 60 days after launch. Until now Kinect for Xbox 360 managed to hold the Guinness World Record as the product is the “fastest selling consumer electronic devices.” Until January, the Kinect has sold 18 million units worldwide.