Tablet PC New iPad Competitor

Currently New iPad was revealed, everyone commented. Whether it is the opinion of upgrades and a fantastic breakthrough made by Apple, or comments that pitched disappointed. Of course, none of the comments that have an influence on its success.

Each product launches iPhone and iPad had always sold in very large numbers, no matter what the experts say, Apple haters, or fanboy. But there is one thing that makes New iPad release if this is different from previous products, the New Apple iPad will be the device that directly head-to-head with a Windows 8 tablet PC that will also arrive this year.

The Windows operating system will be issued the species newest tablet PC that is completely different than Android devices are by far the main competitor Apple. If Microsoft plays its cards right, it could be a tablet PC Windows 8 will be one of the products that eventually become a serious challenger to the iPad in the market.

So far, there are products that can do this. The most obvious challenge is the first Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom, though largely ignored by consumers. Tablet PCs are newer and the latest Android upgrade would be better, but they are still hampered by the ecosystem is still lacking in character like the iPad.

Tablet non-contenders
Non-Android tablet looks even worse. RIM Launch the BlackBerry PlayBook is arguably still fumbling and losing the moment makes it look so bad, in fact it may undermine the credibility of RIM as a whole. HP also offers tablet PCs to kill her, TouchPad, just one week after its release. Realizing that the iPad is the opponent that they can not beat.

Of course, Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble is one of the success stories, but in a slightly different story. they only managed to carve a name in the tablet PC market by selling their devices at below normal. So, you could say the two products tablet PC is not head-to-head with the iPad, because they take the leftover crumbs left by the iPad market.

So far there is no device that is able to seriously challenge the iPad as a whole and shift the dominance of Apple’s tablet PC market.

Windows 8 to the rescue?
Is pasr knight balance of dominance of the iPad tablet PC is Windows 8 tablet PC? It is considered most likely by experts, and the only hope of seeing the failure of the efforts of other platforms. However, it is full depends on how consumers respond to the new user interface in Windows 8, the Metro.

Confidence in Windows 8 is that it brings the same user interface for tablet PCs and traditional PCs, the desktop and laptop. Metro fit for the touch screen, but it also can function as a mouse and keyboard.

Metro, a brilliant move or misleading?
Once again, there is one thing that become obstruction of Microsoft’s efforts, the consumer refuses Metro. Windows 8 allows any user to turn off the Metro and the use of traditional desktop user interface. But if this is the case, then many developers are choosing not to make Metro apps.

Microsoft needs to make Metro a true 100% if you want a Windows 8 tablet PC has hope. If they like the Metro, the application developers will follow, and the real ecosystems will emerge. If not, the iPad will probably be a tablet PC that still dominate and are always dealt with in a very long time.