Starting Digital Habits For Environment

The development of increasingly advanced technology from era to era, can also help us to become more friendly to the environment around us. Using softcopy instead of paper, directly or indirectly, can help us to prevent environmental damage is more severe than it is today.

According to the website of The Economist, the average American uses paper with considerable amounts. When added up, the average of each person in the United States, have used tree trunks as much as 12.192 meters per year in paper usage.

Here are some tips that you can do to protect the environment by using technology that has been used in everyday life.

Download product manuals to PDF

There have been many companies that switch sides and using manual books in PDF form. Some gadgets and other technology products, such as digital cameras, TVs, to products such as furniture, has used digital manuals instead of hardcopy.

Another advantage of the digital download manuals from the website you purchased the product, it is a more organized storage. You’re more likely to find the manuals in the files folder rather than ruffled your bookcase.

Scan all your documents

Perform scanning or scanning the entire document. Keep all important papers into digital form. In addition to eco-friendly, you will prevent old documents to be damaged or lost.

If you have a multi-function printers, use and maximize the scanner functions contained therein. However, when you work with a solid and circulation of documents is quite a lot, then you can optimize the automatic document feeder.

Feeling not enough time to do a scan using a scanner, you can maximize your smartphone. One of the applications that already provide free scanning facility for smart phone, named “Lemon” and “Key Ring” that can be used for iOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, and Android.

Print the document using a PDF

If you want to print something interesting from a site on the Internet, you do not need to spend a lot of paper. Use PDF Printer software that has been widely circulated and can be found easily on the internet.

Too lazy to search for the program? Google Chrome has provided PDF Printer in one menu.

Maximize virtual hard-drive

By switching to paperless habits, then your computer will be filled with a variety of documents with the extension “PDF”. However, you can avail the services of cloud service which has been widely circulated on the internet. One of the advantages of depositing a document into the virtual hard-drive is easy to access them easily.

Some cloud service providers that are reliable enough, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and a box that can get you access to digital documents wherever you are.

Digital signature

Accustomed to sign a lot of hardcopy documents, now you can begin to change these habits to apply them on a tablet PC or desktop computer.

But it must be admitted that we still find it difficult to provide a signature on softcopy documents in PDF form. You still need to print them first and then scan it again and save it in a folder, or send it via email.

The difficulty is it will be slightly reduced. Has many applications that can allow you to sign documents electronically, without having to print a hardcopy. You can use your fingers or use a stylus pen.