Sony Tablet P, To be different

Following Samsung and Motorola, it appears Sony. Appearance in the tablet market is not going to chew an apple, but it offers innovative and something new for tablet users win.

Sony launches Tablet S with a design that can be folded like a magazine and P Tablets can also be folded only in the middle of the line as much as the Nintendo 3DS. Is this tablet quite grab your attention?

First impressions, which inevitably arises is like the Nokia Communicator series. Clamshell design that will probably interest you. And the advantages of this design is the folding screen can be protected from scratches when not in use.

P Tablet Weight about 372 gr, evenly and operate it for a long time now, the hand will not feel tired. After the opening there will be two output Sony TruBlack LCD screen of 5.5 inches.

The screen resolution of 1024×480 makes photos and videos look crisp and clear in this case Sony had to be admitted superiority. Unfortunately, the beauty of the image can only be seen at the top because the bottom of the screen displays the control keys.

Another problem that arises because you will be disappointed while watching the video because there is barrier in the middle. But if it is displayed in a small screen is also less satisfied.

Micro USB port, charging port, volume buttons and the power button is on the right. In this device there is no USB charging so you have to carry a charger with you wherever you go. Headphone jack is at the bottom of the device with a microSD slot.

Sony P Tablet has 1GB of RAM and can store as much as 4GB of internal data. For more storage can use the microSD slot. The 5MP camera is embedded is its own power from the tablet.

8x digital zoom is not enough to compensate for weaknesses in a poorly lit room. Or most likely Sony Tablet is designed specifically for outdoor needs. So do not use the camera or video in low light conditions especially space night.

Because Sony to play using the Android OS then some observers enemies of apple. Anyway, obviously Sony Tablet brings Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) although a little play here and there to suit the design of the tablet.

Panel bottom screen can be converted into keyboard if necessary. It’s just that when you type using 10 fingers, fingers and hands will scramble room to move. So the choice is typed using one hand or with two thumbs and a dream to quickly finish the job.

Overall the current released version of this tablet Sony tends bold, even be said to be very brave. This device is not entirely disappointing, but not the best.

If you do not have a tablet and was looking for something different and do not mind the extra expense to be different, you should buy it. But if you’re a gamer, it’s better to wait PS Vita.