Sony Nextep, Future Computer

The development of digital computing technologies can now be found easily on various devices. The devices are intended to help ease in accessing the many people that have a lot of public consumption.

One such device is the presence of smartphones. Currently, users can run programs that were previously only used on the computer.

With the continuous development of computer technology, the course will present new concepts about the future of computers. A designer named Hiromi Kariki today has created a concept of the future shaped like bracelets.

The concept of future computer technology is planned to be holding Sony as the manufacturer of the concept of homemade products. Kariki be pinned Sony Nextep Computer name for this device.

The use of the Internet connection is now massive pressure so that users will get instant access and information needs of the wider use of this device. Later developed to become a bracelet, this computer concept future will be constructed by the flexibility of touch screens Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED).

In addition, Kariki also plans to add these features today’s dream as it features a hologram projector, adding keyboard panel and compatibility to a wider social network. With these features, the Sony Nextep Computer is apparently going to have a lot of advantages.

For those of you who wish to have it in the near future, it seems you have to be very patient. Because the concept of future computers will be entered the realization phase in 2020. Given that the device is still a concept, within the last 10 years would be enough time to continue to finalize the concept of Sony Nextep Computer.

With the advent of the 3D feature on future computers, the users will soon have an impressive display computer graphics. In addition, this concept will bring features such as battery recharging process using solar panels or just with the help of the sun.

In addition, Sony Nextep Computer will bring the concept of future computers will be equipped with various sensors. Users will soon have a sensor senses, even the mood the sensor directly from the computer.

Indeed, Sony Nextep then a new concept in the field of computer technology. However, with a few steps and new thinking, the ability to use portable computers should a bracelet that will be something interesting.

OLED touch screen capabilities and adds the concept of a computer hologram projector of the future in order to be produced. Because, now Sony has made a flexible OLED touch screen is a reality and lives developed. You can be listened on Youtube.