Socl, Microsoft’s Social Networking Made

Trend social networking continues to grow. As the leader of the social networking giant facebook and many inspiring developers to create a similar social networking like facebook, ranging from giants Google and Microsoft are now also enliven the competition.

Perhaps because of the prospect of social networking is still very promising, according to the characteristics of today’s modern man who prefers to conduct social activities in cyberspace, then Microsoft had quietly launched its own social networking site, “Socl”, on Sunday (20/5 / 2012).

Mention the name of Socl is “Social,” and addressed Microsoft’s social networking project has actually been leaking since the end of 2011, even known for sure that it will be named Socl.

Social networking from Microsoft this time it was known as the Tulalip address, but the site was hastily closed by Microsoft and there are only writing apology has reveal their internal projects, so many are guessing it is Microsoft’s secret project to plunge in social networking.

The project, called the Tulip pick the slogan “Find what you need and share what you know Easier than ever”.

Socl is a blend of quest, adventure, and social. Socl has a design with a standard three-column layout, with the main navigation on the left side, the flow of news / updates in the middle, and a collection of some of the features on the right. Similarly excerpt from The Verge.

On the “About” Socl, explained that social networking is an experimental research project for learning purposes developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs from. On the web page that you can sign in with facebook or windows live account you have.

Socl combines social networking and search engines to help the general public, especially students, to find and share interesting web pages. To find the desired data on Socl using the search engine Bing.

In Socl, users can log in using your Facebook or Windows Live. Once inside Socl, users will be exposed to a variety of topics and proposals to invite friends to Socl.

There is a series of menus on the left of the screen, from the post, profile, video parties to following and followers. Features that can be said to be very interesting feature is the video parties. This feature allows you to search, watch, and collect videos with other users.

The icon “home” located on the left of the screen, and the Socl logo are among the search engine box. Almost the same as Facebook, home menu will display the feed or the latest news from the users Socl.

Users can post and share websites or other interesting content. Any posts that appear in the feed can be commented (comment), shared (share) and marked (tag). There are enough different ways to respond to every post on Socl, the Riff.

Microsoft explains, Riff is a new way to interact and improvise content. Notifications Socl activity can be seen by clicking the box next to the user’s name and photo are located on the top right of the screen. Box will change color to orange if there is a new notification that goes into your account.