Social Networking Still Crimes Act

Social networking sites are already rapidly adopted by the world community. Almost every individual, whether or not having a mobile gadget, certainly have at least one account for every social network available, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other sites. The proximity of our social networking sites even almost can not be released easily.

For some users and surfers in cyberspace, social networking sites are often used as a replacement tool diary or journal. Almost all daily activities that we think are important, as we shall be distributed to those who become friends on Facebook or followers on the Twitter network. Unfortunately, the definition equation diary with sites Facebook and Twitter are really wrong.

More recently, a young woman in Australia was helping his grandmother to calculate the amount of pension money. Unfortunately, the grandson has acted a bit sloppy. When finished counting all her money, 17-year-old girl was taking a picture of a pile of money, and put it on his Facebook wall.

Through these actions, the grandson might think that his actions would look funny when his friends saw that picture. Unfortunately, the picture piles of money is not only seen by friends of the girls.

A few hours after the image is spread in cyberspace, two strange men came to the house of the girl. By carrying a knife and a bat, two men were about to rob a house when it was only guarded by the mother. What things could move the men to rob? It could be an image stack Australian dollar is the most ideal reason.

Both robbers are directly refers to money held by the girl. However, the mother who was then living alone in her house immediately mentioned that her daughter no longer lives with her. However, the robber is still conducting its activities. They still took some valuables and also rob some money from his mother’s purse. At least, they failed to rob his grandmother’s pension money.

Unclear how the robbers could have arrived at the house. The only thing that is certain is that the robbers had seen pictures of a pile of money on one of the Facebook wall. One thing that should be a concern of this incident, as mentioned by the local police, “Always use the social networking sites with caution. Never put pictures and information that is personal in it, “said representatives of the police, as written in

Based on these events, it does not hurt when you start to exercise caution and remove all personal information from your social networking account, because the internet is not as safe as you think.