Sharing Photos With Google Glasses

After making a surprise with outstanding promotional video on YouTube, is now re-launched Google Glasses “offensive” to the public. Sebastian Thrun, one of the prominent developers in the company of Google, in a talk show “The Charlie Rose Show”. Thrun appearance along with the re-Glass prototypes Google managed to create a sensation in the world of technology.

In the talk show, Thrun often describes the wealth of features available in Google Glasses. He also talked to the host about the ability of glasses to help us send the email, as well as connect with Google Plus account for social networking activities

But on occasion, Thrun create an action calculated to bring surprises. In the middle of the event sessions, Thrun took the opportunity to record a still image while being interviewed by Charlie Rose. How did he do also unique. Thrun simply pressing a button on futuristic glasses, and nodded her head to share photos via a Google Plus personal account.

Thrun said that augmented reality systems or bring the digital world into the real world is not the ability of the actual Google Glass. He mentioned that the ability to interact with the technology without a touch of the hand is the power of the glasses.

“Simply, we can do the activities that we like, such as taking pictures, without involving our hands,” he said as quoted from Cnet Oktomagazine. “I live nod and now the photo can be seen by my friends (on Google Plus).”

This is not the first time Google Glasses conduct a public statement. Previously, Sergey Brin also had increased wear glasses in a fund-raising event held in San Francisco in March 2012 ago. However, this is the first time I discuss the capabilities of these glasses in the television medium.

Thrun also discussed about the potential of the Google Glasses. Chief project developer in the futuristic glasses, said that this gadget can write email in accordance with the voice command that we give. Moreover, sophisticated equipment is also able to read email addressed to us.

“When I get an email, Google Glasses will read the message. In general, these facilities can be freed me, “said Thrun who also plays as an expert in artificial intelligence Google automated car project.

But until now, Thrun said that the ability of augmented reality that is the Google, still can not be used to its full potential because the system is not able to support user interaction.

It remains unclear the extent to which Google has developed an ambitious project, but it seems worthy gadgets to keep us waiting for his presence.