Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Skip the iPad 3

On March 7, 2012, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has just presented the launch of the latest generation of the iPad will be coming soon in mid-March 2012. On the occasion, Cook has also appeared on stage to give a presentation on the advantages of the iPad compared to its competitors, Android and Samsung. However, Samsung did not take long to reply to Apple.

After Cook completed his presentation and expose all the specifications of the new iPad at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Samsung immediately confirmed the launch of its newest product called Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The presence of these new products seem to not only compete, but to hit the dominance of iPad in the tablet PC world, especially before the emergence of the third generation.

The presence of Galaxy Note 10.1 clearly wanted to challenge the presence of the iPad. With a specification that looks almost perfect, Samsung managed Apple’s position in the competitive tablet PC. Some of the things that make the Galaxy Note excels is its ability to run two applications at once at the same time, as well as enabling us to work with two applications side by side.

Multitasking is the most important aspect in the development of tablets lately. His ability to open two windows at the same time very, very helpful for users to work. Simply put, you can surf the internet while noting the important things that you encounter in cyberspace.

The third-generation iPad is okay to have the advantage in terms of high-speed processors and an advanced application that is capable of supporting image capture quality called iPhoto. However, the Galaxy Note has incredible precision when editing function, as it comes with a stylus called S-Pen. Another advantage of the Note 10.1 is the sensitivity of the touch screen, as well as accuracy can rival the iDevice.

At Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona to witness the first competition of two leading operating system in the world. But apparently, this time with the help of Android Samsung her, being able to run a few steps ahead of Apple.