Protect your account with Strong Passwords

Password is something that could be called the most important thing and now no longer be part of our lives. Almost every living (or memory) is spent just to remember a few key words secret, ranging from password when you perform a transaction at an ATM machine, open a Facebook or Twitter account, and when you want to read the latest message in the email.

In the world of the future will probably soon we explore, most likely we will no longer use a password to protect us. Most likely, sensitive accounts, such as bank accounts, email, social networking, and others, will be protected by the biometric system. As we often see in futuristic movies, we can access the data saving, after we perform retinal scanning. Unfortunately, we are still stuck in the era of the “eight characters or more”.

Until now, we can say that we still have to accept that all data-privacy and personal data are protected by weak passwords. With only the strength of eight characters or more, we are not aware that such protection is not strong enough. Moreover, there are still many people who use key words that easily as the password.

The composition of the number “123456” or the words “QWERTY” are two of the many passwords that are still widely used in the Internet world. The reason is quite simple, namely to enable them to remember it. For the record, there are still many who use first names, nicknames, or date of birth as a password to protect the account is quite important.

Worse, the key words are used as the password used to “protect” all of the accounts they have on the internet. It makes us even more openly and directly endanger personal data placed on the Internet. Therefore, begin to create strong passwords, but easy to remember.

Here are some things you need to do to create strong passwords.

How strong your password?

While you can not avoid brutal attacks in cyberspace, but you still have a chance to hold it by creating strong passwords. To maintain these brutal attacks, then you must create a password with a fairly high level of difficulty.

Ideally, the minimum each password must contain 16 characters and have a combination of numbers, symbols, character case, and spaces. Password should also be free from repetition, words from the dictionary, or your username on the site. Date of birth, parents, or your pet is also not recommended.

A community that examines the strength of the password are circulating on the Internet has its own size. They call the unit “bits”. The higher the size of bits, the more secure password. They say that with 80 bits passwords more secure when compared with the size of 30 bits password.

However, a secure password that is not necessarily a comfortable password. How could we have to remember the password to the power of 80 bits (12 characters) for each account on the internet?

Create strong passwords

Dennis O’Reilly of Cnet had mentioned how to create a strong password and difficult, but you can easily remember. One he mentioned was to make a brief word of a sentence.

One example is, “I hope Lionel Messi could have scored 100 goals this season.” From this sentence, you can create a password by taking the first letter of each word in the sentence. So, your password will read “IhLMchs100gts”.

Another option to strengthen your security is to use a password generator machine you can find in Google. One of the best engine is the “Random Password Generator” which can produce a password that will be difficult to penetrate.

If you choose to create their own without the help of machinery maker password, then you can test the feasibility of your password on the site “How Secure is my Password?”. This site will be able to calculate the power of keywords that you create. The easier you make braid word, the gauges are located on the site will add or subtract the character needed to strengthen these keywords.

So start to use strong passwords for all your confidential security from attacks by hackers or friends around you.