Pour Hobbies With Virtual Painting

Art and creativity are the two things that complement each other. Both thrive indefinitely, including the media to pour artistic creativity. In terms of painting, for example, the media are used not only canvas.

Just as in the art of painting the walls or the human body, there is a wide selection of space can be utilized to serve an interesting artwork.

Likewise with tablet devices like the iPad. The sophistication of the output product the iPad apparently can be used to cultivate creativity into a work, including creating virtual painting or drawing sketches.

Application developers to draw on the iPad, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd, has just launched its product called Procreate. The application can be used to create illustrations and can be used starting from children to professional artists.

Applications for drawing Procreate comes with over 45 virtual paintbrush. You can choose from pencil sketch, paint brush, to brush abstract that can not be found in the real world. In other words, the application to draw Procreate is a professional digital studio that you can use simply by finger.

In addition there are several categories of brushes or brushes that you can use as a category inking, Painting, Sketching, Airbrushing, Textures, to Abstract. Meanwhile, the application developer will provide you a digital painting in a new way.

They introduced Silica engine technology in these applications. They claim that this is a major breakthrough for the world of digital painting.

The ability to quickly paint is offered Silica performance in this iPad app. Applications for drawing Procreate can provide rapid brush strokes and have a good precision. You can see the scratches were mixed, broken, and even the stain at the same time.

Besides offering the use of performance Silica GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology with OpenGL ES 2.0. When multiple applications sketches or illustrations in general limit of 256 colors, Procreate offers the use of 65,000 colors.

Ability brushes or brushes that are used for drawing application Procreate is the main attraction. Each brush is used has more than 25 settings that you can use. Thus, you have a broad authority to the device.

Procreate newly launched on 11 April 2012 has a size of 55.8 MB application with use of English. With his interest, so far Procreate has earned the rating of five stars in iTunes.

Even this application has also been used by a band called Art Decade to make a video clip titled Western Sunrise. Even the illustrator who process the video also recommend this application to the animators, film producer or anything. For those iPad users who are curious about this application, you can get it at a price of $ 4.99 on iTunes.