PlayBook OS 2.0 Not Too Perfect

With the approach of the end of February, the closer the time of the release of the latest gadgets is also owned by Research In Motion (RIM), which has been eagerly awaited. The plan, RIM will present its newest product at the same time throw, PlayBook OS 2.0, to the market.

RIM said the PlayBook OS 2.0 will be equipped with various facilities which allowed him to overtake other tablet PC that has been circulating in the market. PlayBook version will be filled with amenities native email, contacts and calendar functions. This gadget will also be strengthened by the ability to run Android applications.

But it must still be recognized that the PlayBook OS 2.0 is a bit late in terms of upgrading. As you well know, the RIM PlayBook had declared that the first version of the “iPad killer” or iPad killer. However, because it is not equipped with the facilities and the ability to send email, the product must undergo slump in the market.

In addition, the PlayBook OS 2.0 also does not have such a drastic increase. There is no revolutionary change in terms of technology and applications. In fact, all the things that are provided in the gadget has been owned by several other PC tablets, particularly Apple’s iPad. With a reputation already established, and unfortunately not a good reputation, most likely PlayBook OS 2.0 will not be crowded by the buyer.

The developer said that RIM will add support in terms of sending a message (messaging) and also provide a facility for separating some personal emails. In addition, the PlayBook OS 2.0 also provides applications for email, MS Exchange. This product has also been automatically connected with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Perhaps the only thing that slightly makes PlayBook OS 2.0 to be superior is the ability to connect to the BlackBerry smartphone. After two gadgets connected, you can use your BlackBerry as a mouse belonging when operating PlayBook.

Actually, the previous version did PlayBook has been able to connect to the BlackBerry. But when it has connected, you will be the primary BlackBerry device to support the PlayBook flaws that can not read email. BlackBerry PlayBook to be just as big-screen version.

The last and possibly become the most important thing, is that there are applications in the PlayBook 2.0. In the latest version, RIM is expected to fill these products with applications that have been reformatted and will be available in the BlackBerry App World.