Charger Wherever You Are

Along with the development of technology, we are often required for continuous work wherever we are. The work environment is no longer synonymous with the office environment, due to the presence of some gadgets, we are able to work wherever we are.

However, what happens when all of a sudden the battery of tools supporting our work out and we did not find any power source around us?

Sony as one of the leading technology companies are trying to provide solutions to these problems. Now, Sony has presented a tool that can make you pretty assisted in mobile-paced life in the present era. More recently, Sony has released its USB Portable Power Supply. Easily, we can call it as a portable charger or mobile charger.

Portable charger can be used for almost any gadget or smartphone you have. Starting from Sony Xperia, up to some other smart phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. In addition, the portable charger can also be used to recharge the battery PlayStation Portable (PSP), handycam, to pocket camera.
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Tips Shrink Stomach Safely

It has a beautiful belly is the desire for both men and women. Beautiful belly can display the ideal body shape and look sexy. Maybe you often shrink the stomach but repeatedly failed. There are also many drugs to ease the way you have the ideal stomach. DID YOU KNOW, the more slimming drugs consumed the more problems will arise in the future. Shrink the stomach should not be the origin of this so the results can be maximized. Many ways to shrink your stomach to look charming.
Some naturally how to shrink the stomach is actually there in front of your eyes. Such increase drinking water, water is necessary for our bodies. Water speed up your metabolism. The more water you drink the more calories and fat being burned into energy source for the body. Unlike drinking water, consumption of alcohol is the worst thing for the appearance of your abdomen. Alcohol can increase the production of cortisol, causing fat to accumulate in the abdomen. Most people who drink alcohol often have a big belly because of kartisol in the stomach. Continue reading “Tips Shrink Stomach Safely”

Bada, a New OS from Samsung

Samsung is famous with every gadget that always use the Android OS are now beginning to turn. Samsung has released an OS called Bada.

Samsung bada is a smartphone platform created for the deployment of applications on a variety of mobile devices. Samsung Bada was first launched in Indonesia on December 10, 2009 in Jakarta.

Samsung bada can be understood by examining all the architecture platform, which consists of four layers:

1. Kernel layer, which can be based on a real-time OS or Linux kernel, depending on the hardware configuration.
2. The device layer, which provides the core functions of a platform such as systems and security management, graphics and windows systems, protocols, data and telephone, audio-visual and multimedia management, and so on.
3. Layer Service, which provides functions centered on the services provided by application engines – such as messaging and management – and web services components interconnect with bada servers.
4. Standards Framework layer, which can export an open API in C + +, and consists of an application framework and functions exported by underlying layers. Using this layer, you can create innovative applications on bada platform.
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Tips to Make Natural Red Lips

Do you often wonder how to make a rosy lips without using lipstick? Excessive use of lipstick can cause lip color to black and difficult to remove. The black color is due to the use of lipstick on the lips over time will continue to grow if you do not stop. An effective way is to reduce the use of lipstick. You can use natural ingredients to get flushed lip color without the use of lipstick. Many natural ingredients that can be used to make natural red lips.
Actually, when you brush your teeth, you can brush your lips gently to the left and right to make natural red lips. But do not do this repeatedly so that the lips are not scratched by toothbrush. Additionally consume fruits and vegetables and drink water at least 8 glasses a day. Such as tomatoes, fruit can also be used to create a natural red lips. Cut the tomatoes in half, then rub a slice of tomato to her lips. Let stand for 15 minutes. Do this treatment regularly 2-3 times a day for a week. Tomatoes also can heal sores and chapped lips quickly. The content of vitamin C in tomatoes provide necessary nutrients your lips. Continue reading “Tips to Make Natural Red Lips”

Duqu Trojan attacks tracked on the Internet

Some time later, the Duqu Trojan malware increasingly popular as a dangerous scouting intelligence. Duqu was first discovered in September 2011. However, according to Kaspersky Lab, Duqu traces have been tracked since August 2007. Anti-malware experts Kaspersky Lab discovered that Duqu Trojan is written in the programming language that is not known.

Duqu is a sophisticated Trojan that was created by the same people who made Stuxnet. This malware has backdoor goal as a system and facilitate the theft of confidential data.

The experts noted Kaspersky biggest victims in Iran. Duqu generally find information regarding production management systems in various industry sectors, as well as information about trade relations between several companies in Iran.

Duqu Trojan greatest mysteries unsolved is how the program communicates with the server Command and Control (C & C) when the victim managed to infect. Duqu module whose role is to interact with the C & C is part of the payload DLL Duqu.
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Choosing The Right Lipstick Color

Lipstick can make your appearance look good or even destroy your appearance. Because the lip is a beautiful part of the face is also one of the main supporting facial beauty of a woman then you should be able to choose the right lipstick color. The beauty of a woman’s lips depends on the choice of lip color and suitability to shape one’s lips. Lip color also can signify a person’s mood can even make someone look more refreshed and energetic. So lips look fresh and charming you’ll want to choose the right lipstick color so as not to interfere with your performance.
Choosing your lip color a little lighter than the lip color you can use in all situations. For dark-skinned women, a dark purple color is more suitable adorn their lips. To clean facial skin choose a lipstick that is not shiny. Purple lipstick color look good on women with bright red hair and light skin tone. You who have a glowing skin tone should wear softer shades of lavender and lilac. But if you have a darker skin tone, you can choose the color of purple orchids. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Lipstick Color”

Google Glasses Create Excitement

Google makes splashy world of technology. However, this time the excitement does not come from the development of Google’s operating system called Android.

On 4 April 2012, Google suddenly released a video entitled “Project Glass: One day …” via YouTube. The video depicts a man who did all their daily activities.

Activities such as answering message friends on any social networking site, schedule a meeting, take a picture, predicting the weather, to make video-calls, done only through voice commands. It sounds quite special, because Apple’s Siri could probably do better.

The specialty lies in its looks. In the video, I illustrate that all information and activities that you do with your cell phone, can be directly displayed in front of your face using a pair of glasses that was mentioned was developed by Google.

The video is getting a tremendous response. Shortly after its release, the video has been successfully approaching 9 million viewers. In addition, 6,000 video viewers have clicked the “like”. It is a proof that Google has managed to create a phenomenon, and again increase the public’s curiosity about it. Continue reading “Google Glasses Create Excitement”

Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal Tips

Many women feel uncomfortable with the hair on their legs and underarms. Especially underarm hair for most women is something that should be eliminated in order to look more perfect. Many ways to remove underarm hair either naturally or with drugs that can be purchased at cosmetic stores. Women are generally more diligent in eliminating underarm hair than men. There are many ways to remove underarm hair easily and safely.
Some ways underarm hair removal is shaving, waxing, underarm hair busting drugs,¬†electrolisation¬† and other natural materials. Shaving is effective and easy to eliminate your underarm hair. In addition to easy, underarm shaving did not spend a lot of money but it will make shaving your armpit hair black and will quickly grow back the next day. Hair will grow faster because it shaves so you must be diligent to shave her armpits. Continue reading “Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal Tips”

Facebook The Complete With Instagram

World shocked by the actions of Facebook who bought Instagram. Of course this is very surprising, especially made by Mark Zuckerberg’s site has not previously been rumored to want to buy the editing and photo sharing service popular.

Facebook paid U.S. $ 1 billion in cash and stock for the purposes of this spending.

Actual Instagram launched in October 2010 and, initially only worked for the iPhone before it was also designed as an Android app last week.

The application is free and users can take advantage of 17 layers in the photos they take, ranging from changing the color shades to give photos a distinct impression, before finally uploaded.

And it is a very popular application. According to Instagram service is now being used more than 30 million users who upload more than 5 million images every day.
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3 Exercises Facial Muscles To Decrease Cheek

One of the most widely hated people from their faces is the shape and size of their cheeks. Having chubby cheeks make you look childish and far from attractive impression. Of course, you can try doing a weight-loss diet, but the problem is that many people are generally underweight but their cheeks look fat.
For them, the best thing is to do facial exercises to shrink the cheek. Doing these exercises can help to shrink the cheeks, improve skin elasticity and firmness so that faces appear firm and youthful.
Here are three exercises facial muscles to shrink cheek:
1. Close your lips tightly. Suck in your cheeks. Hold for two seconds and release. Another way to do this exercise is to suck one cheek at a time. Continue reading “3 Exercises Facial Muscles To Decrease Cheek”