Doodle Boat, Adventure Fun Cross the River

For you Android and iOS users may have heard of the game Doodle Jump developer Gamehouse. This game has a characteristic that its cartoon graphics like graffiti images of children. After the game Doodle Jump Android popular among the more developers than Game House that emit smells Doodle games, one of which is the Snake Boat from developer Mass Creation.

Doodle Boat boat is a game where you will adventure by boat down the river to complete the given mission. Some of the missions to be accomplished like to go sailing as far as possible and become The Duke of River; ambush by the river and interfere with young people who sunbathe; shooting obstacles and other water facilities in the river, collect coins and buy better boats; bring the material More fuel for the travel arrangements, and of course get the best results.

In Doodle Boat you will find some kind of enemy with different vessels such as fishing boats and motorcycles to speedboats in this game comes with a set of obstacles that must be overcome, quoted paseban.

Additionally, in this game there are five boats that can be unlocked and the three types of fuel consumption. This game also supports Open Feint where you can beat the other players who have the highest scores and other players flew out of the water.
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How black hair Naturally

Hair for women is important because it is a woman’s crown. If you want a dark, bushy hair, do you have to do maintenance to the salon with a high cost? Black hair does not have to do maintenance to the salon with expensive fees. Many easy way with natural ingredients that can be tried like using pecans, urang aring, olive oil, papaya seed, aloe vera and rice straw. Black hair with natural ingredients are safer and better results when compared to chemicals or drugs in salon.
Pecan believed to blacken hair naturally because pecans contain minerals, such as phosphorus and magnesium is good to thicken and grow hair. Pecan can also reduce hair loss. Make the hazelnut oil by heating crushed pecans that have been rude to the issuing hazelnut oil. After that, take walnut oil and refrigerate. Spread hazelnut oil on the scalp and leave on for 15 minutes after it was washed clean. Another natural way to brew green tea, then massaged on the scalp and the hair. Then wrap your hair using a towel, and after 20 minutes rinse thoroughly. Continue reading “How black hair Naturally”

Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne on Backs

Acne is not just on the face but acne can affect other parts of the body such as the back. When acne on the back attack best move is to clear acne on the back are a variety of ways. Sometimes many people feel uncomfortable and anxious to get rid of acne that is on their backs so that any cost will be issued to existing acne on his back quickly disappear. Beauty clinic and salon is the ultimate goal for those who have acne problems at the back.
Actually you do not have to go to a salon or beauty clinic with a high cost to get rid of acne on your back. Acne on back usually arise because the pores are clogged due to overuse or tight clothing, so hard to sweat out and cause excessive bacterial proliferation. Many natural ingredients that you can try to get rid of acne. The natural ingredients such as egg whites and cucumbers. Egg whites able to lift dead skin cells while powerful cucumber to remove the black stain skin. Both materials can be used as a body scrub by mixing them together. Continue reading “Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne on Backs”

How to Quickly Extend Hair Naturally

Men often crave their hair long and loose pair beautifully. However, many women are confused as to how they accelerate the growth of their hair. Currently, many women choose a quick way to lengthen their hair with sophisticated equipment and the cost is quite expensive. Actually you do not need to spend a lot of money to have long hair as a natural way you can also extend the hair. Such as green tea, milk, olive oil, and apple skin. Some of these materials are believed to accelerate the growth of your hair without the cost of expensive.
If you are a fan of apple, now do not waste the skin because of the skin you can extend your hair with ease. Apple skin has several basic vitamins that can increase blood circulation to the scalp. When the circulation goes well, it will affect both the growth for long hair. Fruits are rich in polyphenols can combat hair loss problems. Apple skin can make the hair more healthy and nutritious. How to treat them, puree apple skin, then apply to hair. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Continue reading “How to Quickly Extend Hair Naturally”

How to Eliminate Wrinkles on the Face

Wrinkles on the face are natural and you can not avoid as time goes by and you get older. The signs of aging are clearly visible on your face such as wrinkles and will appear on certain areas in some parts of your face. You can do several things to reduce or eliminate wrinkles on your face. Wrinkles caused by aging facial treatment is usually because your previous mistakes that can also cause these wrinkles.
Many ways to remove wrinkles on the face with a simple and can be done anywhere. Consumption of fruits and vegetables of course you can do as a first step to eliminate wrinkles on your face. Consumption of fruits and vegetables in addition to meeting the need for vitamins and fiber every day, it can also remove wrinkles on your face. In addition to providing a significant impact on the frequency of your body to consume fruits and vegetables are also proven to nourish the skin, especially the face and can avoid some of the skin problems in general such as wrinkling problem. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Wrinkles on the Face”

Body Skin Care Beauty Tips

Beautiful skin starts with small things often do. Such as bathing, for example, it is sometimes underestimated for many people, but the skin will be maintained health bath of various diseases. Skin care can be obtained in various ways either instantaneously or gradually, and in a long time. Many ways you can do to care for skin beauty like wearing scrubs, moisturizers or lotions, body creams specially milk, and some other beauty products. Some instant way to care for skin beauty treatments are also available as in beauty clinics to look at the results only by a matter of days or even a few hours.
If you want skin care that is cheap and easy, you can use natural ingredients are easy to come by and done at home. Some ways you can help care for skin beauty face wash them every day, bathing, wearing scrubs or scrub, use lotion every day, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, drink water and exercise. Continue reading “Body Skin Care Beauty Tips”

Malicious Links Rising From the Web

After removing the statistical analysis of spam and malware, Kaspersky Security Bulletin through 2011 also revealed the potential link spreading malicious link in 2011.

Entertainment video sites like YouTube have the highest risk in spreading malicious links. Kaspersky Lab’s annual report on the evolution of IT threats and spam found that the links found in many questionable sites with open access.

The report also underlines the continued occurrence of spam through social networking and search engine optimization dark. As a result, search engines become the second highest source of risk that direct users to infected sites.

Sometimes the user clicks the malicious link directly from major search engines like Google and Yandex. In third place, with only one percent difference is social networking. Sites like Facebook and Vkontakte are widely used carrier virus to spread malicious content.

The growth of Web-Based Attacks Decline
The number of browser-based attacks in 2011 increased from 580,371,937 to 946,393,693 cases. The number of web-based attacks in 2011 rose 1.63 times of the total attacks in 2010. Growth is seen to decrease the number of attacks compared to the number of attacks in the last three years.
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China’s State Internet Censorship

China’s notoriously strict in censoring the Internet. Now, the way the Chinese government to censor and delete sensitive right the first time in the online world revealed.

As expected, the communist party is very sensitive to the critical state. They apply the ‘Great Firewall’, a network blocking technology that prevents Chinese people browse the internet freely.

U.S. research also shows Beijing censorship machine works in real time, can adapt quickly to emerging problems, depending on the location, the far more active, if necessary, up to the dissidents.

David Bamman, linguists and computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, got the idea last summer when he saw how quickly false rumors about the death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who disappeared from Sina Weibo, China’s largest microblogging network.

“I was there to check back a few of these messages and it was really surprising, I found that about 70% of them have been removed,” said Bamman told New Scientist. Continue reading “China’s State Internet Censorship”

Simple Ways to Eliminate Fur Leg

Are you wondering how to choose products to eliminate your legs? Smooth and beautiful legs often desirable women. They feel uncomfortable when faced with fur leg. Especially when they use short subordinates and show their legs. Try this recipe to remove leg hair without using any means at a great price. If you really want to remove the hair legs instantly and quickly, you can use a product that can be found in the store cosmetic and beauty clinic.
Legs for some women it is allowed but often they spend a lot of money to remove the legs. To get rid of your legs can perform a simple and low cost but can be done at home. The materials required include lemon, honey, and sugar. Make a mixture of lemon 1 piece, a quarter tablespoon of honey, and a cup of sugar. Mix all ingredients and heat in a pan and stir occasionally until boiling. You can also use the microwave to heat it. Continue reading “Simple Ways to Eliminate Fur Leg”

3D Studio Max Gallery

3D Studio Max (3D Max) is one of the software that is often used by product designers to create animations or in the form of three-dimensional modeling. This application was first released by Autodesk Media & Entertainment, which was originally known as Discreet and Kinetix.

The continued development of technology is now included in a computerized, 3D Max underwent a change – change to suit the more advanced computer skills in terms of graphics.

3D Max is a result of the development of the application 3D Studio for Dos intended only for win32 platform. With his arguably great for a graphical application no wonder 3D Max a 3D computer animation program with the level of sales in the world.

3D Max has strong modeling capabilities and a flexible plugin architecture. Working with the Microsoft Windows platform. This software has been widely used by designers and makers of video games, product design, architecture visualization, as well as a TV studio for the manufacture of a variety of animation.
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