Ordering Dream By Dream: On

Dreams are the flower bed. And from a dream into a reality sometimes. But is it possible you could organize your own dream? At least it is believed by the UK University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman. He has a dream to ‘manage one’s dream’.

Richard Wiseman with researchers in the UK have developed a mobile application that is claimed to help someone create a perfect dream as they wish.

How to play a combination of sounds that describe nature. The voices are believed to influence the human mind during sleep.

Application users can choose a quiet rustic scene, busy traffic even dramatic adventures in outer space. It may sound like a game, but Professor Richard Wiseman, who helped develop the program believe that this application could help treat people with depression or have a sleep disorder.

Psychologists from The Hertfordshire University, UK, plans to gather records from thousands of users of the application as part of an experiment to show the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Research they want to show that dreams can be influenced easily.

To get the desired dream, bedtime user must set what time they will wake up in the morning. They also had to choose the ‘dream scenario’ that you want to use. Then the phone is placed at the position of the screen facing the mattress, sleeping close to their position. This application uses a motion sensor to detect when the user’s dream.

During sleep, the human through three stages of sleep. During the first and second stages (before going to bed and sleep soundly), during which they will be restless in bed. Once the stage of rapid eye movement (REM sleep / dreaming of a time when human) brain crippling body so they can not ‘opt out’ of dreams and hurt yourself.

This application will wait until the last stages of REM sleep, and play a sound that has been chosen before the time when the user set-up going to bed earlier. When finished dreaming, the application will wake the user in a minute, to improve memory for dreams experienced during sleep.

Several types of sound are even designed to trigger a ‘lucid dreaming’, where users realized she was dreaming and could influence what happens (in the dream). Applications called ‘Dream: ON’ can be downloaded for free for iPhone users. As for the Android version, will be launched later this year.

Since the time of its release until today, Dream: On has been downloaded 300,000 times. Even some people leave a good impression on his Twitter account, @ DreamONapp. If you are interested, you can download it on iTunes for free.