Nokia Champagne, Netbook Tablet PC Simultaneously

Finnish tech giant is unlikely to cease to compete in the world of gadgets. After successfully selling Lumia handsets to exceed the one million units, Nokia began to look forward to launching new products. Through a photo that has spread to the Internet, Nokia seemed to give the signs that the company will soon release a new tablet PC.

Previously, as CEO Stephen Elop Nokia also had said that they will soon release a new product during his visit to Brazil, November 2011. On the occasion, Elop also said that Nokia plans to produce some strategies regarding the launch of new products including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition, an application called “I’m WP7!”, An application that often leaked some products gadgets that will soon be launched to the market, also have give information about the possibility of a product called “Nokia Champagne” which will be released mid to late this.

A photo that was given the nickname “Two Turkeys”, has spread through the media by a twitter account called @ MSNerd. When viewed at a glance, the gadget has a screen like the Nokia Lumia 800 product. The difference lies only in the size of the width. In addition, Two Turkeys also whitewashed the typical drink champage color or champagne.

However, when analyzed further, Two Turkeys image was first propagated by, much like the Nokia Booklet 3G is Nokia’s first product powered by Microsoft Windows. In addition, Two Turkeys also have the typical form of the Nokia N9. When you pay more attention to the picture more closely, you’ll see where the two hinges on the outside.

Two hinges are increasingly provide mystery to the latest Nokia products. Rather than issue a tablet PC, the company is headquartered in the city of Espoo is likely to produce a netbook. Other speculations say that Nokia will make, not just a netbook, but a clamshell tablet that has two functions, namely as a netbook as well as well as tablet PCs.

When the pictures are true, then Nokia could be said to have created a product that is quite revolutionary. Imagine a gadget as powerful ASUS Transformer Prime netbook combined with design and manufactured by Nokia.

It’s the pictures that have been circulating are just mere speculation. We could be looking at gadgets product Booklet 3G. But one thing is for sure, Nokia is reportedly focused on developing a tablet PC powered by Windows 8 for Nokia Connection 2012