Named Mini Raspberry Pi Computer

Ever imagined in the mind using super-mini computers in daily living activities – day? A recent innovation has been carried out by the non-profit foundation Foundation raspberry Pi Britain by creating a small computer the size of a credit card that is named according to the name of the foundation’s creators, raspberry Pi.

The computer weighs just 45 grams which attract many people use the open source Linux as the operating system. Users can directly connect raspberry Pi to monitor or TV, then connect it with the mouse and keyboard using Bluetooth.

The initial concept of this tiny computers made in 2006 which is located at Atmel ATmega664 microcontroller. Eben Upton, as the leader of raspberry Pi Foundation says that it has been six years of process development and manufacturing, a time long enough to produce great things.

Raspberry Pi made in 2 types, for type A and type B $ 25 for $ 35. Both types are the same – use the same 700MHz ARM11 processor and 256MB of RAM. What distinguishes it is Type B is also equipped with an Ethernet port and two USB ports.

System on chip using the Broadcom BCM2835, by floating point and 4 videocore GPU, capable of playing the video with Blueray quality. Using H.264 40MBits / s. Xbox-level graphics capabilities with the first output. Overall performance is equivalent to Pentium 2.300MHz, even with a graphical display lot better.

The initial goal was made products as solutions for education who are interested to perform the material and do the development in computer technology especially the world of programming with low enough cost to the students.

For now Raspberry production done outside the UK in connection with the two distributors Premier Farnell and RS Components order production volume to grow faster because of the demands of the market. Because previous website from one distributor Premier Farnell is being so dense traffic overload visitors.

In short this is a small computer that can be used by anyone who wants to use a variety of basic computer needs (email, web browsing, photos, videos) and so save energy and money!