Launching Windows 8

After the success of Windows 7 is Microsoft’s fastest selling product due in less than 3 years sold 525 million units, Microsoft finally issued its newest product ‘Windows 8’

Microsoft released Windows 8, because they realize they have been left behind by its competitors like Google and Apple. Mobile World Conference 2012 Barcelona Spain by Microsoft to be a place to introduce new products with Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview released for the public who are curious about Windows 8 can try it for free. Because it is still in Beta version, not all the programs in it can work well.

Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows division of Microsoft said that Windows 8 is much better than previous products. Designed using ARM microprocessors in addition to the existing X86 microprocessor previously made by Intel and AMD.

ARM microprocessor which was first announced in the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas last year was Microprocessors are commonly used in tablet products. It is intended to be used in smartphones and tablets are widely used end – this end.

Equipped with Secure Boot that works with UEFI-based BIOS used Microsoft as security for pc from malware when booting. All applications or software used Windows 7 can also run well on Windows 8.

Beta version of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft’s latest web browser is included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Designed to be more attractive than the previous product, Microsoft is incorporating layout sliding windows with traditional methods intended for the convenience of users. Planned will be more likely to use methods Sliding (slide) to access both menus and applications – applications contained therein.

While awaiting the results of the final Windows 8 will come out, it does not hurt us to try Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be downloaded at Good luck!