If Idol The Real

Do you have a hobby of pasting posters on the walls of the rooms were your idols? Are there any among the poster can move or react when you touch it? If you idolize someone, store posters and wanted something more than just a regular poster, you have to listen to the information on this one.

A new technology appears, by sensing the distance between the user and the screen, now picture one can interact while being kissed or caressed.

A group of researchers from Keio University created a prototype of an interactive poster will react when you kiss. Poster works by measuring the distance between the user with the screen using ultrasound sensors.

The author was inspired by his idol that many posters on display in his room but could not move at all. Then they make this system, in the hope posters can move interactively by moving the face or other parts so that the poster was nice owner.

Keidai Ogawa, one of the researchers, said that he was upset because the poster in his room could not move. Then they make this system because they thought it would be nice if the poster can react to people.

The system is very simple. Where there is an ultrasound sensor to detect how far your head. When you approach the sensor, the image changes occur. When you approach, drawing posters as if resigned to be kissed, and when you are away, the face of the idol being flushed.

Currently the system is only generating new visual changes, but future Ogawa also said that they had been getting a lot of advice from people who tried the system so that the technology is getting developed as adding scent shampoo idol or picture of someone who will feel.

Ogawa added that the lips lemon flavor will be felt, or when the speaker whispered “I love you” then the poster will reply to remarks from speakers embedded in the poster. And the expression on the face posters will also be flushed.

This poster will be used for commercial purposes such as promotion. Quoted from aramatheydidnt.livejournal.com poster also planned to be developed into applications on the iPad. But the problem now is how to make the iPad the camera can recognize the distance and movement of the user.

They are also considering other sensing methods, such as using image recognition via a camera, or use a light sensor that reacts to the shadows when the user approaches the poster.

Are you interested in having one of the interactive poster that may show that your idol figure for this?