HP TouchSmart 610 Touch Screen

Hewlett Packard back offers innovative touch-screen desktop PC. One computer vendor in the world to present the first HP TouchSmart PC with a monitor capable of reclining up to 60 degrees. The reclining capabilities makes the user can adjust the degree of tilt monitor with comfort after each user.

With a sleek design and a clean and concise. HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC enforceable or tilted up to nearly flat. This reclining capabilities will create a comfortable addition to its users, both from the individual and businesses will also make it easier to operate.

Such help simplify the business when you’re dealing and interacting with customers.

“As a player in the field of touch screen computing, HP can never stop innovating and always brings in a variety of quality improvement in every generation TouchSmart PC,” said Jane Ritonga, Market Development Manager, Desktop PCs, Personal Systems Group, HP Indonesia.

Of creating a work of creative art, play games, to support the front-desk interaction with customers – where eye contact is important, the latest HP TouchSmart PCs offer the ability to monitor the movement of a more flexible, superior viewing angles, as well as the touch screen experience intuitive.

HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC is equipped with a display of high-definition (HD) diagonal size of 23 inches that can be tilted back to 60 degrees and tilts forward up to five degrees.

LED display provides a wide viewing angle, even when in a tilted position, while advanced multitouch technology allows the accurate response.

Design TouchSmart All-in-One PCs are where the one-cord setup that will easily save space and make it fit to be placed in any room, including in the workplace.

To present a clean and neat and not cluttered, features controls placed on either side of the monitor to create comfort.

Improvement in terms of design and the inclusion of the latest version of TouchSmart software on the TouchSmart 610 consumer PC makes the experience of using a desktop PC the easy and fun, especially when surfing the web, edit photos or access social networks.

In addition to maximizing the experience of touch applications from Netflix, Hulu, and Twitter, as well as applications that are RecipeBox webcam and HP exclusive applications, users can also add new applications via the TouchSmart Apps Center.

HP TouchSmart 610 also features Beats Audio rely on, a high-performance technology developed by HP and Beats by Dr. Dre. BeatsAudio. Making the audience can hear the music as it originally sounded in the studio.

With a wide range of advantages presented. You excited to try?