How to Secure Data on Android and iOS

Smartphones have many uses other than to communicate. A smartphone can also be used to store large amounts of personal data users. Not infrequently frequent loss of personal information for one thing.

Android and iOS have different ways of going about the data security system. With more android taking approaches DIY (Do It Yourself) while iOS gives more convenience and automation.

There is a security system such as the data is already public and PIN lock pattern. But in fact the two platforms, Android and iOS could let you go further. Whether it’s saving your personal data from a nosy friend, or your device contains a very personal business.

Here are some tips that you can do to get better data security system on your Android or IOS.

Device Access
The first thing you need to do is implement common data security systems such as lockscreen. To do this you can access the “Security Option” owned by Android and iOS.

In Android you will find an option to lock the screen by using a password or pattern, or may face unlock on Android 4.0. While on your IOS device will only find the choice of using passwords.

But many security experts advise it is best to use the old way is the password, because it is still the second defective security system, the pattern and face unlock.

Application Store Access
Android Market now contains movies, music and books in addition to a collection of applications – applications. That is a lot of digital media that can be accessed from here. Of course you do not want to leave a gap wide open when you use your credit card that is linked to Google Wallet.

Strangely default on Android do such a thing, in order to make the Android Market easier to use, but leaving the system highly vulnerable to data security.

Actually Android Market provides security features to address data security systems vulnerable, but many users are not aware of the usefulness of this feature. Access Android Market on your device and open the settings menu (settings).

In this menu you will find the option ‘Set or Change PIN’ where you can specify the 4 digit PIN. This system of data security provided by the Android Market application on your smartphone.

And when you want to purchase apps in the Android Market, you will be asked to enter the PIN you created. Useful to prevent others from utilizing your credit card account.

While Apple to be the best in terms of data security system like this the App Store. Each will make a purchase, by default the user must enter the Apple ID.

Good luck!