Google Plus Has New Look

Initially, the arrival of Google Plus (G+) is not so regarded by Internet users, especially the owners of cyber social networking account. Mentioned, G+ just wanted to rival the success of Facebook as a social media site with the user in the world. However, the various changes made to its products Google is slowly making us interested to try it.

G+ is still going well. With the ability to upload (upload) photos directly from your Android phone, making G+ as a social media leader in photo-sharing. In addition, the ability to hold a teleconference with our friends also make G+ look even better when compared to Facebook.

The only problem shared by G+ is looks very, very boring, compared to its rivals. However, it has been changed. Google has held G+ upgrade the appearance, as it has been written through the company’s official blog.

Through the video display, the G+ users are given an information about changes to Google’s social media sites. In the video, explained that more emphasis is now G+ will display video and pictures from the owner of the account. This decision is considered very correct and suitable for the development of G+. There will be no more blank white space on your G+ page or when visiting your friend’s profile.

Google has also added a unique feature to G+. The feature is called “Hangouts”. The specialty of these features is its ability to provide a means of calling as had previously been provided by Skype. Innovative and easy to operate, but it is not recommended to greet a stranger or suddenly joined in the conversation.

Section navigation bar also has to get a new touch. We move the navigation bar of the “remote” at the top, to the side to make it look bigger and can be operated easily. With the latest design, you can put multiple applications and facilitate you with more options to operate G+.

There are also some changes that make G+ more interesting. Borrowing a term used Facebook, G+ has the “wall” is more crowded. Once you log in, you will instantly find the information in the form of articles or the latest video from the list of trending topic on Google.

Naturally, when Google made repairs in some cases, especially in the appearance of G+. A statistical data show that G+ was visited by three minutes per month. Extensive renovations were done I could be a reminder that G+, sooner or later, will be one of the leading social networking site, along with a willingness to evolve.