Google Panic Face iPad 3

Competitive world of technology, especially in the world of gadgets are endless. With the success of Apple sells third-generation iPad and a fantastic record of success, automatically makes Android more behind in the competitive landscape. For the record, so far Android has not managed to make an impressive record related to the sale of the tablet PC.

For the record, Android is still not showing real competition in the tablet PC category. Almost all of its products have achieved success in general. Even if all the combined sales of tablet PCs, Android has not been able to match the level of sales and the popularity of the iPad.

However, it is not all Android tablet PC output failed to score a success. Some names could steal the attention of consumers. Call it the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet output owned by Barnes & Noble, based on open source software. The tablets are sold at prices ranging from USD169 to USD250 and earned millions of buyers. Not in the level of sales of the iPad, but they are included in the category marketable.

So it is not a surprise that Google intends to boost tablet PC sales. As reported by, Google is now selling strategy a la Amazon. The magnitude of the project named “Nexus”. A source android and released by the site, said that Google and Asus are now working together to create an Android tablet that would be $ 150 to $ 200 price tag.

Previously, Asus has made tablet PCs powered by the quad-core processor called Asus Memo 370T. Although sold at relatively low prices, which is $ 250, but the Taiwanese company is rumored to be redesigning a tablet PC with Google. Of course with the price and lower specification.

Mentioned duet -Asus Google will not equip them with the latest tablet processor quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3. Instead, they will put the processor with dual-core specification. The news is quite disappointing the fans of Android.

I think that the specs are less important than sales figures. The company considers that a tablet PC of the brand which has been leading will have the opportunity to achieve commercial success when compared to the more expensive gadgets and supplemented by better specs. If Google wants to succeed like the Kindle Fire and the Nook, then logically, they should give you the price under $ 200 for the product.

“The consumer has been educated to understand that they have to choose between Apple, Microsoft, or Google,” said Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android, as quoted Oktomagazine of “We will improve our performance by making consumers know which products are actually best for them.”

When Google and Asus really serious, projects worth U.S. $ 150 tablet PC is not nonsense. With Google’s expertise in the field of marketing, predicted that the tablet will be able to seize the market and compete with Apple. However, Jared Newman of predict that they will make a profit in the short term.