Google Glasses Create Excitement

Google makes splashy world of technology. However, this time the excitement does not come from the development of Google’s operating system called Android.

On 4 April 2012, Google suddenly released a video entitled “Project Glass: One day …” via YouTube. The video depicts a man who did all their daily activities.

Activities such as answering message friends on any social networking site, schedule a meeting, take a picture, predicting the weather, to make video-calls, done only through voice commands. It sounds quite special, because Apple’s Siri could probably do better.

The specialty lies in its looks. In the video, I illustrate that all information and activities that you do with your cell phone, can be directly displayed in front of your face using a pair of glasses that was mentioned was developed by Google.

The video is getting a tremendous response. Shortly after its release, the video has been successfully approaching 9 million viewers. In addition, 6,000 video viewers have clicked the “like”. It is a proof that Google has managed to create a phenomenon, and again increase the public’s curiosity about it.

However, the figure of 9 million viewers it was not enough for Google. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, the more heat the rumors. In an event in San Francisco, she looks back and forth wearing a prototype of Google Glasses. “Sightings” Brin with high tech goggles are immediately greeted with extraordinary enthusiasm and sunglasses are not just ordinary gossip.

Apparently, Google is serious about developing this technology. The New York Times seems to have managed to track Google’s plans. In February, the paper estimates that Google will soon release the newest product in 2012. However, The New York Times is not the date of the month and more detailed.

However, it seems not everyone is interested in what Google is doing by distributing the video. The website, some experts say that Google can not give the technology like what they show in the video released on YouTube.

“In a fake video, Google could have made the gossip and raise the enthusiasm of the gadget-freak in the world,” said Blair MacIntyre, director of Augmenten Environments Lab at Georgia Tech. “Google has given a false hope to the fans.”

Pranav Mistry, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, also has his own opinion about the video. “With a small screen, you can not expect the same feeling as depicted in the video,” Mistry said, as quoted Oktomagazine of SixthSense.

Just a rumor or indeed Google is developing a secret project? Indeed, only time can tell.