Google and Apple 7-inch Tablet War

Google is now brewing a new project in the field of tablet PCs. By working with gadget manufacturers Asus, Google plans to produce cheap tablet for consumers. The plan impact to the resignation of the launch of new tablet PC Asus, the Asus Memo 370T, at least until July 2012.

Withdrawal of the product launch schedule is suspected due to Google and Asus desire to change the design of the tablet. Asus Memo 370T was first showcased in January 2012 ago. Asus had mentioned that they will release a tablet with a quad-core processor with the new price of $ 250.

Through an unnamed source, the site of The Verge also reports that Asus and Google currently redesigning a new tablet PC. They mentioned will produce a tablet with a size of 7 inches. However, sources claimed that the latest products will be thrown into the market in the second quarter of 2012. With these gadgets, The Verge also mentions that Google-Asus will provide the lowest possible price.

However, to further away, The Verge did not mention about the certainty of how low the price-Asus Google will provide. The site also does not say how many “sacrifices” to be conducted by the two technology companies.

Amid uncertainty Google and Asus tablet production, website shed some light. One source said that Google is now targeting the tablet PC market for the middle class. Planned, Google will look for a partner to create a tablet that would be labeled priced between USD150 to USD200.
Site also said that Google would be prepared to downgrade the newest products. Predicted Google would not provide quad-core processor or reduce the capacity of the internal memory or RAM capacity.

As if unaware of the plight of Google, Apple moves to quickly win the market as early as possible. Rumors that the company was mentioned also developing the Google Glasses, is now trying out a new tablet with the size of 7.85 inches. John Gruber, one of the sources of Daring Fireball, said that Apple was piled several prototypes in the lab room.

There is no certainty or official statement from Apple regarding the making of these little tablet PC. But when the news about Apple’s plans into reality, the competitive landscape of the 7-inch tablet will be crowded and is predicted to create panic Google and Amazon Kindle Fire.