Four World Safe for Children

In the present era, it is not a secret that social networking or better known as social media has become part of our lives. Even if traced further, social networking has been infiltrated and co have contributed in changing the culture of the world. However, few are aware that social networking sites that exist at present contains an invisible danger.

Often we hear of cases of crimes related to the use of social networking in Indonesia. Most of the victims were as young as their teens or even children under 13 years. Although Facebook has set the minimum age requirement to join the site, it is not difficult for children to lie about their age.

Parental supervision is one thing that is needed to prevent and avoid the children from the evil that often begins with friendship on Facebook. But, of course, parents do not have time for a full 24 hours to really be in control of the activities of the children in cyberspace. Lucky, now there are several social networking sites safer for children aged 13 and under.

Tecca online media websites has recently released some tips and a number of social networking sites safer for children. For parents who may not have time to supervise their children, but have access to the internet 24 hours a day at home, it is necessary to pay attention to the list of safe social networking for children below.

Fanlala is a social networking site that is easy to use. With the look and features of the site similar to MySpace and is also equipped with various features blogging, sharing, as well as several other features, the site looks quite interesting for the children.

Fanlala display also has a characteristic that is very “cheerful”. Equipped with a variety of interactive quizzes, the site also presents a variety of entertainment news that is suitable for children. Your child can continue to deal directly with some famous pop stars such as Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson.

Some opinions of online media mentions that Fanlala suitable for children aged 13 and under. In addition, Fanlala also requires verification of the parent by phone number, credit card, and fax number. Sounds a bit complicated, but it’s all worth you went through for the safety of your children.

The site is already quite popular among teachers. Teachers in the United States have been using Edmodo as a means of connecting their students with children. In addition to safe for children, the site is also easy to use and able to facilitate digital learning. Edmodo provides the facility to customize a virtual classroom that can make teachers and students to interact and collaborate in learning activities.

Jeniffer Schneide, a school teacher dsar in Nebraska, says that children are students really like this site. “They are very happy with diverse features in Edmodo,” said Schneide, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time. “It was great to see them learn to be more active after they have made achievements in virtual social networking sites.”

Club Penguin
When bored with social networking sites, then you most likely will shift to sites MMOs (multiplayer online games) are the average of violence. But fear not, because Disney has created a site that is quite friendly MMO for kids.

Club Penguin is an online game site that presents a very safe for your children. If you want to join, then you need to take part in the “signed” agreement attached. After that, you can also assign multiple filters to maintain the safety of your children for surfing the internet.

When you get bored with the game shown in the Club Penguin, then there are other MMO sites are no less fun.

Jordan, 12, said that he enjoyed all the games and exciting features contained in Fantage. With a variety of games, fashion features, and a variety of ways to socialize on the site, Fantage has managed to bring an experience that is completely new in the world of social-networking.

Amazingly, Fantage had won the Children’s Technology Review Editors Choice Award in 2009 and has been labeled “+ kidSAFE CERTIFIED” by kidSAFE Seal Program. That is, the site has managed to give a sense of security for parents when their children play on the internet.