Facebook The Complete With Instagram

World shocked by the actions of Facebook who bought Instagram. Of course this is very surprising, especially made by Mark Zuckerberg’s site has not previously been rumored to want to buy the editing and photo sharing service popular.

Facebook paid U.S. $ 1 billion in cash and stock for the purposes of this spending.

Actual Instagram launched in October 2010 and, initially only worked for the iPhone before it was also designed as an Android app last week.

The application is free and users can take advantage of 17 layers in the photos they take, ranging from changing the color shades to give photos a distinct impression, before finally uploaded.

And it is a very popular application. According to Instagram service is now being used more than 30 million users who upload more than 5 million images every day.

And it turns out Facebook on Instagram surprise move raises many question marks. What is the purpose Facebook actually making this purchase?

Instagram itself is known so strong in the mobile world. He became one of the most popular applications. Though initially, it was just available for the iOS platform, the new Android visited some time ago.

Instagram seems to already famous across platforms, so many gadget users of other platforms have also been known Instagram app also hoping they can use.

Facebook may look great with 850 million users, but if you look at mobile applications, their users just half. In the Facebook data in December 2011, active Facebook users on mobile devices reportedly amounted to only 425 million.

Another reason that makes Facebook a quick woo fear Instagram is taken up by the two competitors. Two against Facebook in question is Google and Twitter.

Google and Twitter could arguably rivals Facebook in the internet world. Twitter has a strong base though only rely on the site to 140 characters. While Google is more dangerous, it has a search engine most used Internet users in the world.

That does not include a series of online services they are also popular in the category. Starting from YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ to compete with Facebook.

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram will continue to develop as a separate brand, that can also be used as an application for competitor networking service Facebook.

Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page: “We think the fact that Instagram is also connected with the service (networks) other than Facebook is an important part of the experience.”

“It is an important milestone for Facebook because for the first time we buy a product and a company that used so many users. We have no plan to do many things like this, even if there may be more later (similar transactions).”