Facebook ahold Tagtile

Facebook seems to really want to master the internet, especially social networking market. Not willing surpassed by its competitors, after buying Instagram some time ago, Facebook has yet to stop the acquisition.

This time Facebook bought Tagtile, a mobile check-in startup from San Francisco, a former technician of VMware, Abheek Anand and Soham Mazumbar Google engineers. The purchase was announced on his website where Tagtile Tagtile team mentioned that they bought with all of its assets.

This is the latest move by the social networking giant after some time ago to buy Instagram worth USD 1 billion. “We are pleased to confirm that the founder Tagtile joined Facebook. Facebook will acquire most of the assets of the company, “said Facebook, as reported by the India Times.

Meanwhile, startup founders have also make a statement in a post on the company website. “We started Tagtile with a simple goal of helping local business owners build better relationships with their customers,” says founder Tagtile.

Tagtile is a company that offers Tagtile Cubes to businesses. After the install the ‘Cube’ or the cube will allow users to get an offer from the merchant, gifts, notifications, to make it easy to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Business owners can also track its consumer base, the frequency of their visits, access to marketing tools available to grow their business.

Neither Facebook nor Tagtile nominal purchase has not yet announced, but today Facebook has just launched a Facebook Coupon Offer only for this morning.

Tagtile themselves have stated that Facebook is in the process of “obtaining the majority of our assets”, including their business model that includes the tools provided free of charge to merchants smartphone to use the app to pay. At this time, Facebook has used a coupon offering users easily.

Tagtile very happy with the acquisition. It can be seen from their press release on our site. “We are very pleased to announce when we have joined Facebook. And it has acquired most of the assets, “wrote Tagtile on its website.

Tagtile follow through, this acquisition is a great opportunity to realize their dreams and goals Tagtile. As businesses grow and make a bigger company.

“We will not ignore you as a member. Tagtile ministry would continue to this day. But officially Tagtile operation from today to be a part of Facebook, “said Tagtile.

Purchases such as whether Facebook will be done by next after acquired Instagram and Tagtile?