Depends On Google

Over the last few years, so many reactions from people who led the opposition to Google for many reasons. Many people who say they want to stop using Google’s services, but they are not sure if they are actually able to do so. That is because the dependence on Google for this.

And if these people are serious, they can easily do so. Here are 10 Google services that you can leave easily

1.Google Search

Google has been the lead as the world’s largest search engine. But it turned out to be an independent test showed that the quality of the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! are inferior to Google. You can easily switch to search engine without having to fear the loss of quality of the information that you need.


So many non-Gmail email service provider. For some people it looks better Gmail. In fact, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are also no less good. Capacity and other functions of Yahoo! Mail with Gmail.

3. Picasa

Picasa is a photo service, both for editing and posting that has been widely used now becoming obsolete. They began to switch to use Flickr, Instagram especially currently skyrocketing.

4. Android

Android is very popular in terms of its operating system, but that does not mean you can not leave. Apple’s iOS is also no less in terms of technology and development. There are also other options that you can use as Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

5. Google Talk

Google Talk has never been a major player in the IM space or VoiP. Most people prefer to use the Skype application in this case.

6. Google Docs

Google competes with Microsoft’s tighter with official released Office Web Apps products. Office Web Apps alone is a document editor application and online storage (like Google Docs).

Microsoft provides facilities such as Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint and OneNote that can be accessed, created and edited online and of course free. With cloud computing appear based products is of course the existence of Google Docs is becoming obsolete.

7. Google Maps

So many other mapping services are available to replace Google Maps as Bing Maps which are considered far better than Google Maps.

8. Blogger

The main rival Google’s Blogger is WordPress. WordPress itself is a semantic personal publishing platform that is more widely used people, which focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is free, but on the other hand is priceless. That’s what makes WordPress much better than Blogger.

9. Google Reader

Google Reader is a web-based feed reader that can read Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. There are many other services out there that will do the same.

10. Google Checkout

Google made Google Checkout is an online payment tool in the world (payment processor). His fame is still not comparable if they have compared to Paypal. Paypal is more popular people.

Is it true that you are very dependent on Google?