Computer with High Mobility

In the early formation of the computer is always closely related to the definition of large and difficult to move. However, with the growing needs of people and the level of activity rises, the more necessary is also a computer that is able to support the full high mobility.

Here are some types of computers to date are able to support our daily needs.

Notebook is an evolution of the best ever done by the computer world. It could be said that the notebook is a revolutionary change by changing computers become smaller and compact so that it can support the jobs that have a high level of mobility.

When interpreted in general, is a notebook computer that can be activated by a battery or electric power. In general, the notebook has a smaller size when compared with a suitcase and can be operated in places which only provide a small room.

Typically, notebook or often called a ‘laptop’, because it is often used on the lap, weigh less than 5 pounds (2.27 kg) and has a thickness of less than 3 inches (7.6 cm). In addition, the notebook can also be operated as a normal computer by connecting some hardware, such as keyboards, monitors, and printers, through a peripheral input / output.

Alan Kay of Xerox PARC can be called as one of the people who contributed in making the notebook. In 1972, he managed to build a compact computer called the Dynabook. The concept of mobile computing has created Kay in 1968. Kay ambitious project is initially targeting the children to get acquainted with the world of computers.

Netbook is a new type of notebook or laptop computer development. Netbooks have smaller size and more compact, more affordable, and less electric power. In general, the netbook has a screen size of 9 to 10 inches or 15 to 25 cm and weighs about 2 to 3 pounds (0.9 to 1.36 kg).

At the beginning of the formation, the netbook is often touted as quite a revolutionary change in the world of mobile computers. With its small size, the netbook was the star and was remembered as a substitute for a notebook computer is larger and considered less mobile.

However, netbooks are not without flaws. Smaller size should force the computer is throwing a mini CD and DVD drives. In addition to slashing prices, lack of CD and DVD drives also contribute to reducing the physical size. Most netbooks are also not equipped with Bluetooth. Although they are equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, but the notebook in general do not have a gigabit Ethernet.

Tablet PC
Tablet PC is a personal computer (PC) with wireless technology and comes with a touch screen interface. Tablet PC has a size smaller than a netbook, but larger than a smartphone.

Tablet PCs also have several different types. They are:

Convertible tablet. This type of Tablet PC has a screen that can rotate 180 degrees and can be folded to seal. Convertible tablets can also be integrated with additional keyboard. In addition, can also add some variation to write using a stylus or digital pen.
Slate tablet. Examples of current slate tablet is the Apple iPad. Most slate tablet has integration with an external keyboard.
Hybrid tablet. Type this one is quite special, because the shape and design that is quite unique. So-called ‘hybrid’ because this type is a combination tablet of regular notebooks, but has a screen with a touchscreen interface and able to be removed from the notebook body.
Rugged tablet. This tablet has a design similar to the type of slate tablet, but comes with some equipment that makes it able to survive in extreme conditions. Rugged tablets usually have a hard-drive protection and strictly protected.
Ultrabook is a new category of notebook computers that filled an ’empty space’ between the notebook (laptop) and a tablet PC. Ultrabook first introduced by Intel. The name ‘Ultrabook’ to Intel’s patents.

Ultrabook is designed to reduce the physical size and weight of a notebook. In addition, the ultrabook also has a smaller battery. Ultrabook also use Intel processors with low power of the graphics card is very responsive.

With a thickness of only 20 millimeters and a screen size of 14 to 15 inches (35.6 to 38.1 cm), became one of the Ultrabook notebook which is often unreliable for those who live with high mobiitas.

Currently, the Ultrabook middle of competing with Apple’s Macbook Air that has the size and strength of a nearly equal.