Clarion Support Mirage Cars Being Smart Car

Android on your phone? Of course it is a very common thing. Android in the tablet PC? It is also commonplace. But, what about Android in your car? Apparently, this is a new thing and the biggest breakthrough.

The breakthrough was made by one of the companies engaged in electronics for the automotive industry from Japan, Clarion. The company established in 1940, is making a special new stereo system for cars that they named “Mirage”. What’s so special? As mentioned at the beginning, Mirage has been reinforced by Android.

Mirage touted as a “smart car stereo” by the manufacturers themselves. It is based on the ability of the filled-Mirage-wide 6.5-inch touch screen and Android 2.2 operating system. In addition, you can also play Angry Birds game or surfing the internet while socializing using Facebook.

In addition to having the advantage that Android has been strengthened, Clarion Mirage has come standard features. These features, among others, for the SD card slot, USB port, and Bluetooth. However, there is something a little strange because you will not be able to listen to songs through your CD collection. Why? Since the Clarion Mirage is not equipped with a CD player.

Maybe it is not a big problem, because if you see the development of technology at this time. Japanese company, most likely have seen that most of the consumers prefer to use their smartphone or MP3 player to play music, rather than carrying their collection disc fragments.

Although Clarion Mirage already been installed using the Android, does not make it illegal for owners of Apple gadgets. According to news released by, Mirage is also able to support iOS. All you have to do is connect your iPod or iPhone using a USB cable Mirage. In addition, you can also use the Bluetooth feature to connect Apple with Mirage.

Mirage also been equipped with a built-in GPS and radio. Another interesting feature is the ability Mirage to display pictures or photos of your collection.

If you are interested to buy the product immediately and put it in your car, it seems you have to be prepared for disappointment. Clarion stated that Mirage is only marketed to companies making cars. Not sold separately. Until now, Clarion reported serious in talks with several car companies from Malaysia and Thailand.