Childpad, Special Gadget Tool For Children

A child does have a number of properties and characters likely to want to know all the new things in front of him. Astrid Wulansari Emeline MPsi, child psychologists say that the character development in children can be done through a variety of games, as well as parents must accompany and directly pointed to the child.

Quickly children can learn how to operate the tablet PC. On the one hand, parents are worried because the device that played it enough to spend the price.

Archor, a great gadget vendor based in France to see the fact that shows the number of children who ask their parents to have its own tablet PC. The opportunity that is promising to create a tablet PC specifically aimed at children Archor finally released a tablet called Childpad.

The plan will be released on the market in March for $ 125 or the surrounding USD 1.1 million. Created with the look and design that is very attractive to children. Tablet with Android os, Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich uses a 7-inch touch screen. Childpad using single-core 1 GHz processor and 1 GB ram to speed up every process of every application running.

Archor Childpad not complete with Android Market. Kids have instead created the App Store, an application developed by the AppsLib, where the facility is equipped with up to 10,000 applications for children, including the most popular games such as Angry Bird, Pig Rush, and Flight Frenzy.

Parents also do not have to worry about their children would access the site – adult sites and other forbidden because Childpad been equipped with parental controls and safe web browsing is built in to restrict any access to the internet can do.

A child’s level of creativity can indeed be improved with the help – help as Childpad. But still, parents also need to set the time for the child should not spend too much time to play the gadget. The balance of time to learn and play will make a child become successful in the future.