Charger Wherever You Are

Along with the development of technology, we are often required for continuous work wherever we are. The work environment is no longer synonymous with the office environment, due to the presence of some gadgets, we are able to work wherever we are.

However, what happens when all of a sudden the battery of tools supporting our work out and we did not find any power source around us?

Sony as one of the leading technology companies are trying to provide solutions to these problems. Now, Sony has presented a tool that can make you pretty assisted in mobile-paced life in the present era. More recently, Sony has released its USB Portable Power Supply. Easily, we can call it as a portable charger or mobile charger.

Portable charger can be used for almost any gadget or smartphone you have. Starting from Sony Xperia, up to some other smart phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. In addition, the portable charger can also be used to recharge the battery PlayStation Portable (PSP), handycam, to pocket camera.

Sony provides two options for its portable charger, with capacity of 4000 mAh which is called the type of CP-A2L and 2000 mAh (CP-EL).

Another feature of this portable charger is the ability to charge two devices directly. However, the facility is only available for a portable charger sized 4000 mAh (CP-A2L). In addition, Sony also has equipped the latest gadgets with functions that can prevent you to do overcharge. So, no need to have more concern for battery damage your equipment.

Some other security functions that have completed this portable charger, is a safety timer and temperature function to detect. With both of these features, you can set how long you want to charge, as well as determine whether there is a technical error in the charge.

To charge the battery for portable charger type CP-A itself takes about 5 hours and was able to charge two gadgets at once for 120 minutes respectively. As for the type of CP-EL or type charger with a capacity of 2000 mAh, takes about 6 hours and is only capable of charging the device for 60 minutes.

What if you have a gadget in addition to output Sony? Not a big deal. Sony has developed a product to be able to detect the equipment you have and adjust it so that it can charge without any difficulties. USB Portable Power Supply will automatically detect the connected devices via the USB cable.

The only drawback of this gadget is the size is big enough. Portable charger type CP-A2L have a fairly thick body. Unlike the CP-EL are quite slim and small.

If you have a mobile-paced activity, it seems you must have gadget this one. Just wait for his arrival at Wellcomm Shop nearest you.