Best Photo Application For Smartphones

The photography world there will always be interesting and there will be no end, despite constantly discussed. Many aspects are also developed along with the movement in the world of technology, especially the developments in the world of smartphones.

As we know, the world is a world of smartphones with seemingly endless progression. The sophistication of the hardware, especially the camera that has been available in the mobile phone, a news continues to be the subject of conversation. However, a camera with the best quality, not necessarily to produce an image that we think is qualified.

Here are a few applications that can support the quality of the picture that you have captured with the camera advanced smartphones.

Camera Zoom FX
The developer’s application as one product called a camera app that must be owned by those who have an Android based phone. And it appears that the claim is true.

This application has a feature that is quite complete. Armed with image capture and editing features are integrated in one place, directly makes Camera Zoom FX as one of the most complete applications for now.

Labeled price USD2.99, this application has been equipped with several expansion packs that can make you add pictures of celebrities in the photos you take.

Little Photo
If you are someone who relies on speed in all things, then this application it will be perfect for you.

You just open the Little Photo app, tap the screen to take a picture, then tap again to haul your photo to open a list of editing tools, along with a live preview, so you can see the results of the editing are just done.

Applications can be obtained for free at the official website. However, if you want to add some editing functions, such as setting the image contrast, exposure and saturation of an image, then you need to buy a plug-in adds tool for USD3.85.

Pudding Camera
If you are one big fan of any type of camera, then this application will be suitable for your daily activities. Equipped with multiple choices of image effects of some types of film cameras, you can also directly adjust the exposure of your image.

The problem of this application is drawing capacity of only 1280 pixels. However, it does not make you blocked if you like the photo sharing activity on social networks.

BeFunky PhotoEditor
If you want a best free photo editor, then BeFunky PhotoEditor is one application is good enough to have. This app has almost all the features you need editing before deploying the image on social networking.

This application is also available with a version of “Pro Version” is priced at USD3.99. But it seems you have enough to be able to enjoy all the amenities of a free version.

Photaf Panorama Pro
This is one of the applications recommended for those who like the style of taking panoramic photos. By simply moving the camera phone horizontally, you can take a picture of the atmosphere in front of you is panoramic.

But the application Photaf make things easier. You do not need to move your camera phone in a hurry. You just do it slowly panning techniques. When finished taking pictures, you simply press the “Stitch Images” and the application will process your image and a panoramic photo.

If you are curious about the capabilities of these applications, you can visit the official website to see some pictures taken using the application Photaf.