Best Antivirus Program for Android

A large selection of protection programs for Android is now able to mislead consumers. recently released its latest independent research on the best antivirus for Android smartphones. Tests show that the solution from Kaspersky Lab is the ultimate. Of the 41 samples, Kaspersky Mobile Security is one of the two products successfully handle all malicious programs.

Other products failed to protect even the most basic protection, the malicious programs that target mobile devices. Overall, the testing by conducted in early 2012 gives ‘green light’ to only seven products, while 18 others only solution able to detect less than 40% of malicious samples and six of them had failed to identify malicious code.

Victor Dronov, Senior Product Manager at Kaspersky Lab, said, “The number of samples of malware for mobile devices in our database has reached more than 10 thousand. Therefore, we believe it has protection solution for your Android smartphone is extremely important. We are very pleased with the results of independent testing conducted by ”

“They prove the efficiency of our products, and provide support to the combined technologies of traditional protection and cloud-based protection that our new launch. It also shows that our product is the market leader products, both for free and paid products, “said Dronov.

Recently, also evaluated against Kaspersky Lab antivirus free and other vendors, and found that tightening the cost in terms of protection proved futile when compared to investing for online security. This shows the continued evaluation experts analyze existing products as much as possible.

To provide the most accurate results, more than 600 malicious applications selected from the 20 ‘family’ various malicious malware, malware are all common and are found everywhere. Environmental testing including Android 2.3 based emulator and two smartphones based on Android 2.2 and 4.0.

The ability to detect malicious applications during the scan were evaluated, but in some cases, when the scan can not be done with appropriate experts should also be analyzed manually.

The test results showed that even with the paid product insert, the results are not much different from the previous test results. Many free and paid products from vendors who are less well known and have been known to the world was powerless to provide protection in the real world, does not work well as identify different malware samples.

Surprisingly, six programs do not detect malicious applications altogether. For 12 other programs, their detection capabilities are under 40%. Kaspersky Mobile Security is one of two products that successfully detects all malicious programs on Android.