Malicious Links Rising From the Web

After removing the statistical analysis of spam and malware, Kaspersky Security Bulletin through 2011 also revealed the potential link spreading malicious link in 2011.

Entertainment video sites like YouTube have the highest risk in spreading malicious links. Kaspersky Lab’s annual report on the evolution of IT threats and spam found that the links found in many questionable sites with open access.

The report also underlines the continued occurrence of spam through social networking and search engine optimization dark. As a result, search engines become the second highest source of risk that direct users to infected sites.

Sometimes the user clicks the malicious link directly from major search engines like Google and Yandex. In third place, with only one percent difference is social networking. Sites like Facebook and Vkontakte are widely used carrier virus to spread malicious content.

The growth of Web-Based Attacks Decline
The number of browser-based attacks in 2011 increased from 580,371,937 to 946,393,693 cases. The number of web-based attacks in 2011 rose 1.63 times of the total attacks in 2010. Growth is seen to decrease the number of attacks compared to the number of attacks in the last three years.
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China’s State Internet Censorship

China’s notoriously strict in censoring the Internet. Now, the way the Chinese government to censor and delete sensitive right the first time in the online world revealed.

As expected, the communist party is very sensitive to the critical state. They apply the ‘Great Firewall’, a network blocking technology that prevents Chinese people browse the internet freely.

U.S. research also shows Beijing censorship machine works in real time, can adapt quickly to emerging problems, depending on the location, the far more active, if necessary, up to the dissidents.

David Bamman, linguists and computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, got the idea last summer when he saw how quickly false rumors about the death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who disappeared from Sina Weibo, China’s largest microblogging network.

“I was there to check back a few of these messages and it was really surprising, I found that about 70% of them have been removed,” said Bamman told New Scientist. Continue reading “China’s State Internet Censorship”

3D Studio Max Gallery

3D Studio Max (3D Max) is one of the software that is often used by product designers to create animations or in the form of three-dimensional modeling. This application was first released by Autodesk Media & Entertainment, which was originally known as Discreet and Kinetix.

The continued development of technology is now included in a computerized, 3D Max underwent a change – change to suit the more advanced computer skills in terms of graphics.

3D Max is a result of the development of the application 3D Studio for Dos intended only for win32 platform. With his arguably great for a graphical application no wonder 3D Max a 3D computer animation program with the level of sales in the world.

3D Max has strong modeling capabilities and a flexible plugin architecture. Working with the Microsoft Windows platform. This software has been widely used by designers and makers of video games, product design, architecture visualization, as well as a TV studio for the manufacture of a variety of animation.
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Best Antivirus Program for Android

A large selection of protection programs for Android is now able to mislead consumers. recently released its latest independent research on the best antivirus for Android smartphones. Tests show that the solution from Kaspersky Lab is the ultimate. Of the 41 samples, Kaspersky Mobile Security is one of the two products successfully handle all malicious programs.

Other products failed to protect even the most basic protection, the malicious programs that target mobile devices. Overall, the testing by conducted in early 2012 gives ‘green light’ to only seven products, while 18 others only solution able to detect less than 40% of malicious samples and six of them had failed to identify malicious code.

Victor Dronov, Senior Product Manager at Kaspersky Lab, said, “The number of samples of malware for mobile devices in our database has reached more than 10 thousand. Therefore, we believe it has protection solution for your Android smartphone is extremely important. We are very pleased with the results of independent testing conducted by ”

“They prove the efficiency of our products, and provide support to the combined technologies of traditional protection and cloud-based protection that our new launch. It also shows that our product is the market leader products, both for free and paid products, “said Dronov.
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How to Secure Data on Android and iOS

Smartphones have many uses other than to communicate. A smartphone can also be used to store large amounts of personal data users. Not infrequently frequent loss of personal information for one thing.

Android and iOS have different ways of going about the data security system. With more android taking approaches DIY (Do It Yourself) while iOS gives more convenience and automation.

There is a security system such as the data is already public and PIN lock pattern. But in fact the two platforms, Android and iOS could let you go further. Whether it’s saving your personal data from a nosy friend, or your device contains a very personal business.

Here are some tips that you can do to get better data security system on your Android or IOS.

Device Access
The first thing you need to do is implement common data security systems such as lockscreen. To do this you can access the “Security Option” owned by Android and iOS.
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Google Panic Face iPad 3

Competitive world of technology, especially in the world of gadgets are endless. With the success of Apple sells third-generation iPad and a fantastic record of success, automatically makes Android more behind in the competitive landscape. For the record, so far Android has not managed to make an impressive record related to the sale of the tablet PC.

For the record, Android is still not showing real competition in the tablet PC category. Almost all of its products have achieved success in general. Even if all the combined sales of tablet PCs, Android has not been able to match the level of sales and the popularity of the iPad.

However, it is not all Android tablet PC output failed to score a success. Some names could steal the attention of consumers. Call it the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet output owned by Barnes & Noble, based on open source software. The tablets are sold at prices ranging from USD169 to USD250 and earned millions of buyers. Not in the level of sales of the iPad, but they are included in the category marketable.

So it is not a surprise that Google intends to boost tablet PC sales. As reported by, Google is now selling strategy a la Amazon. The magnitude of the project named “Nexus”. A source android and released by the site, said that Google and Asus are now working together to create an Android tablet that would be $ 150 to $ 200 price tag.
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Video Editing Features Complete Photoshop CS6

Previously, Adobe has plans to release Photoshop CS6, the latest version of software that is often a mainstay in the field of image-editing, in mid 2012. In fact, Adobe has released a sneak peek video that explains the new features of Photoshop that will complement the latest series.

However, Adobe has decided to take a bigger step. The company was founded by Charles Geschke and John Warnock has released a beta version of Photoshop CS6.

When Photoshop CS5 made his debut in 2010, Adobe completes the program with a feature that became his trademark at the time, called Content Aware Fill. With these features, you can fill the empty space in the photo or image in accordance with what is around it, such as adding pictures of the sky or clouds and green grass.

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Hipster, Share Pictures with Android

The presence of Instagram on the iPhone is now increasingly brisk activity in photo sharing. You could say if Instagram is a photo-sharing pioneer for social media. Along with the emergence of Instagram, today many application developers are racing to create an application similar but not the same as Instagram.

Not a few developers who adopt effects – effects app Instagram is entered into their home-made, one Hipster. Application to be said is a photo-sharing app Instagram for Android that rely photo effects.

You can share photos via social networking media. Application software developer named results with this application, Hipster, adding to the height of photo sharing in cyberspace.

Hipster is a small application that could be considered ‘cool’ as competitors Instagram that allows you to share photos wherever you are.

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Clarion Support Mirage Cars Being Smart Car

Android on your phone? Of course it is a very common thing. Android in the tablet PC? It is also commonplace. But, what about Android in your car? Apparently, this is a new thing and the biggest breakthrough.

The breakthrough was made by one of the companies engaged in electronics for the automotive industry from Japan, Clarion. The company established in 1940, is making a special new stereo system for cars that they named “Mirage”. What’s so special? As mentioned at the beginning, Mirage has been reinforced by Android.

Mirage touted as a “smart car stereo” by the manufacturers themselves. It is based on the ability of the filled-Mirage-wide 6.5-inch touch screen and Android 2.2 operating system. In addition, you can also play Angry Birds game or surfing the internet while socializing using Facebook.

In addition to having the advantage that Android has been strengthened, Clarion Mirage has come standard features. These features, among others, for the SD card slot, USB port, and Bluetooth. However, there is something a little strange because you will not be able to listen to songs through your CD collection. Why? Since the Clarion Mirage is not equipped with a CD player. Continue reading “Clarion Support Mirage Cars Being Smart Car”

Charger Wherever You Are

Along with the development of technology, we are often required for continuous work wherever we are. The work environment is no longer synonymous with the office environment, due to the presence of some gadgets, we are able to work wherever we are.

However, what happens when all of a sudden the battery of tools supporting our work out and we did not find any power source around us?

Sony as one of the leading technology companies are trying to provide solutions to these problems. Now, Sony has presented a tool that can make you pretty assisted in mobile-paced life in the present era. More recently, Sony has released its USB Portable Power Supply. Easily, we can call it as a portable charger or mobile charger.

Portable charger can be used for almost any gadget or smartphone you have. Starting from Sony Xperia, up to some other smart phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. In addition, the portable charger can also be used to recharge the battery PlayStation Portable (PSP), handycam, to pocket camera.
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