3D Studio Max Gallery

3D Studio Max (3D Max) is one of the software that is often used by product designers to create animations or in the form of three-dimensional modeling. This application was first released by Autodesk Media & Entertainment, which was originally known as Discreet and Kinetix.

The continued development of technology is now included in a computerized, 3D Max underwent a change – change to suit the more advanced computer skills in terms of graphics.

3D Max is a result of the development of the application 3D Studio for Dos intended only for win32 platform. With his arguably great for a graphical application no wonder 3D Max a 3D computer animation program with the level of sales in the world.

3D Max has strong modeling capabilities and a flexible plugin architecture. Working with the Microsoft Windows platform. This software has been widely used by designers and makers of video games, product design, architecture visualization, as well as a TV studio for the manufacture of a variety of animation.

There are several methods of modeling in 3D Max.

The basic method of 3D Max
Ie modeling using shape – the basic form. Such as box, cone, pyramid, sphere, cylinder prism, and objects – objects that have been provided. In this method may also use Boolean system, merging, cutting, reduction of the base object.

Modeling with Mental Ray
Modeling the Mental Ray rendering engine is also known as (machine to render image or video) that are also present in 3D Max, in addition to the basic rendering software.

Mental Ray has been adapted to 3D Max program so it does not need to be installed separately. Excess Mental Ray itself is able to calculate the effects of global illumination. Besides, it can also be used on the surface shader or light images.

In addition there are also some Mental Ray rendering engines such as V Ray, Final Render, Maxwell Render, Brazil R / S which have the advantage of rendering each – respectively.

Here are some tips for beginners who are new to and want to use 3D Max.

Identify specifications software first. Whether it can be used on your computer. The higher the more pc specs every process running smoothly on 3D Max and vice versa.
Recognize icon – the icon on the toolbar before doing the design model. As the functionality and usefulness. And the position of the toolbar that lets you use 3D Max.
Use render – render simple first to find out and know more about each of the features found in 3D Max.
Do not stop when you experience a problem or ignorance to continue designing. Ask the people – people who are experts. Learn books – books about 3D Max. Can also be studied through the tutorial – tutorial which can be searched online like youtube.com.
Most people still use 3D Max 3D Max 2009 and 2011. The latest products are issued by Autodesk 3D Max 2012.

Good luck!