Secure Your Shoes With High Heels

Wearing high heels can cause various health problems such as back pain, stooped, pain in knee joints, blisters, and swelling on the thumb.

This is because the entire weight of your body shifted – about 30-100 percent body weight pressed into your leg.

So if you want to use high heels this weekend, follow these simple tips:

Reduce the risk of injury by stretching your muscles. Every morning and evening, make sure you stretch the calves, thighs, toes, and arch of the foot.

Prepare yourself like going to work, and make sure your body is ready to use high heels.

Provide flat shoes
No need to wear your Louboutin shoes when marathon – make sure you bring flat shoes (flat shoes) in the bag to use when you’re done partying.

Stepping slowly
Stepping and walking slowly will reduce the pressure on the legs and back – and give more time for others to admire your shoes are charming.

Understand your limitations
Make sure you choose high heels are more powerful so that you feel comfortable to stand without stumbling. Every time you stumble, ankles and legs to hold that you do not fall. Also, no one who looks pretty when dropped off.

Do not come out with new shoes
If you must go out by wearing high heels or go into town, do not choose a shoe that is new. You should try it first so that your feet do not blister. Wear new shoes in the house, while traveling not too far away, and soon. Fill out your high heels with a tight ball made of newspaper to become more loose also help.

Use pantyhose
Remember that stockings of wool to make you more comfortable than a thin and shiny stockings.

Rest your feet
Hot legs with leg swelling. Rest a little while so that your feet become colder. If your feet are swollen, not enough anymore to wear shoes and it will cause pain and cramping.

Use pedestal
Try adding a booster gel like Insolia, designed to shift the burden to reduce pressure and pain.

Pamper feet
Pamper your hard-working feet by soaking in warm water when I got home. Then use lotion on your feet and give gentle massage to the feet to relax. This serves to prevent leg cramps and make sure you are ready to undergo the routine the next day.

Vandroid T1C Exodus Advan Tablet PC

Dynamic modern world now requires every person to be able to activities with smart, fast, precise, and accurate. Wherever they may be but still fun. It required a practical and handy gadget to carry around just like a Tablet PC.

Tablet device in the world especially in the Asia-Pacific region, except Japan is predicted to experience a huge growth spurt. IDC said that of the 2 million unit shipments that occurred in 2010 will increase to 21 million unit shipments in 2015. No wonder Tablet PC has now become a necessity for the urban present.

Its use is also limited as needs and function but at the same time serve as a lifestyle. As if there is something missing if you do not take it during activity. Responding to the increasing market needs, Advan bring Vandroid T1C, a Tablet PC with an awesome performance by using chipsets made by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, America.

Advan T1C is a tablet PC with a pick multifinger touch sensitivity is excellent. Just a light touch of a finger you can directly access and search applications are available in it.
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Through Satellite Control Xbox 360

If you think that playing video games is a useless and gaming console is a tool that will make your time taken up a lot, so it’s good if the opinion is suppressed for a while. Currently, the company is developing a technology for controlling the satellite by using gaming console.

More recently, a British company called Surrey Satellite Technology are developing a nanosatellite which is integrated with the Microsoft Xbox 360. In recent days, the company will control the satellite with the central Kinect technology they develop.

Kinect itself is one of the technologies that could allow us to play without using a physical controller. The technology itself was developed and marketed by Microsoft in November 2010. Besides released for the Xbox 360, Microsoft also released the technology for Windows and marketed on February 1, 2012.

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Tablet PC New iPad Competitor

Currently New iPad was revealed, everyone commented. Whether it is the opinion of upgrades and a fantastic breakthrough made by Apple, or comments that pitched disappointed. Of course, none of the comments that have an influence on its success.

Each product launches iPhone and iPad had always sold in very large numbers, no matter what the experts say, Apple haters, or fanboy. But there is one thing that makes New iPad release if this is different from previous products, the New Apple iPad will be the device that directly head-to-head with a Windows 8 tablet PC that will also arrive this year.

The Windows operating system will be issued the species newest tablet PC that is completely different than Android devices are by far the main competitor Apple. If Microsoft plays its cards right, it could be a tablet PC Windows 8 will be one of the products that eventually become a serious challenger to the iPad in the market.

So far, there are products that can do this. The most obvious challenge is the first Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom, though largely ignored by consumers. Tablet PCs are newer and the latest Android upgrade would be better, but they are still hampered by the ecosystem is still lacking in character like the iPad.
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Turn off or Turn on Airplane Mode Mobile!

One of the factors that can lead to a crash of the plane apparently due to signal interference from mobile phone users in the plane. Various safety precautions have done many airlines such as prohibiting the use of cell phones and asking for the phone to remain in conditions or cell phone off during flight remains on airplane mode or airplane mode. In the case of the fall of the Sukhoi SJ100 at Mount Salak few days ago, it was discovered that some of the passengers mobile phone is switched on at the time the plane lost contact. Either there is a connection or not, it is good we listen to how dangerous cell phone signal for flight navigation systems.

Which is a major cause of disruption of electronic systems on aircraft during flight is a radio frequency of the phone. Because it is that the mobile device manufacturers to develop airplane mode that turns off the wireless signal but users can still use their cell phones for things that are considered important for the flight except communicate.

Airplane mode itself has been available on various mobile phones. You can access the different features of the phone without issued radio frequency transmissions can interfere with flight Airplane mode.
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If Idol The Real

Do you have a hobby of pasting posters on the walls of the rooms were your idols? Are there any among the poster can move or react when you touch it? If you idolize someone, store posters and wanted something more than just a regular poster, you have to listen to the information on this one.

A new technology appears, by sensing the distance between the user and the screen, now picture one can interact while being kissed or caressed.

A group of researchers from Keio University created a prototype of an interactive poster will react when you kiss. Poster works by measuring the distance between the user with the screen using ultrasound sensors.

The author was inspired by his idol that many posters on display in his room but could not move at all. Then they make this system, in the hope posters can move interactively by moving the face or other parts so that the poster was nice owner.

Keidai Ogawa, one of the researchers, said that he was upset because the poster in his room could not move. Then they make this system because they thought it would be nice if the poster can react to people.
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