Depends On Google

Over the last few years, so many reactions from people who led the opposition to Google for many reasons. Many people who say they want to stop using Google’s services, but they are not sure if they are actually able to do so. That is because the dependence on Google for this.

And if these people are serious, they can easily do so. Here are 10 Google services that you can leave easily

1.Google Search

Google has been the lead as the world’s largest search engine. But it turned out to be an independent test showed that the quality of the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! are inferior to Google. You can easily switch to search engine without having to fear the loss of quality of the information that you need.


So many non-Gmail email service provider. For some people it looks better Gmail. In fact, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are also no less good. Capacity and other functions of Yahoo! Mail with Gmail.
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Kurta or Sherwani for Indian groom?

Indian wedding attire for men are also made extravagant and expensive suit the bride. The groom has a lot of options in terms of style and detail, but in this article we will focus on wedding and bridal sherwanis kurta.

A Bridal Kurta is essentially a kurta and Payjama (pajama) / churidar, which has rich detail and embroidery. Details and embroidery are made. Traditional embroidery styles, including Kantha, Dori applications or retailer colors of embroidery are usually free. Rather contrasting color kurta outfits The wedding is usually made of silk in shades of white or beige background. Recently, the nurses with more vibrant colors, especially the bride suits, including blue, red and magenta corresponding experiments. If married into mere holding of general and a neutral color palette are dupattas / scarves to experience the region and introduce color to the eye. Wipes can be printed and embroidered. In luxurious fabrics such as heavy silk and sometimes in handicraft products Continue reading “Kurta or Sherwani for Indian groom?”

Starting Digital Habits For Environment

The development of increasingly advanced technology from era to era, can also help us to become more friendly to the environment around us. Using softcopy instead of paper, directly or indirectly, can help us to prevent environmental damage is more severe than it is today.

According to the website of The Economist, the average American uses paper with considerable amounts. When added up, the average of each person in the United States, have used tree trunks as much as 12.192 meters per year in paper usage.

Here are some tips that you can do to protect the environment by using technology that has been used in everyday life.

Download product manuals to PDF

There have been many companies that switch sides and using manual books in PDF form. Some gadgets and other technology products, such as digital cameras, TVs, to products such as furniture, has used digital manuals instead of hardcopy.
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Wedding Location, Location, Location

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the personality of the release torque with all the details as a small token of what makes the couple they met. This also applies to the location you choose, because this is where you set the tone for your wedding and maybe even your photos. Before engaging in a place to read my little guide of things to consider before cementing an agreement.

The location of a wedding can be a real difference in your day. A romantic castle, a traditional church, or the London Bridge – a place creates a very different atmosphere. Wedding insurance also makes a difference how to protect yourself financially if the city can not hold the event.
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HP Ultrabook For Young Executives

Hewlett-Packard products, commonly known as HP, has 60 years of work in the world of technology. In 2012, HP launched its newest product. Set the Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta on February 7, 2012

The event, titled “Experience the Perfection in Style”, the new flagship introducing a variety of HP products are stylish, modern, and innovative performance and the ultimate audio and classy. In these products, HP complete a AudioTM Beats, which makes its users can enjoy music with high quality audio whenever and wherever located.

One of their products is the HP Folio13. HP’s first business Ultrabook features a thin and light design, with a thickness of less than 0.75 inch display with support for High-Definition BrightView diagonal is ultra slim 13.3 inches and weighs only 1.5 kg. With a battery life of 9.5 hours. HP Folio13 has the best battery life in its class.

HP also includes Radiance Backlit Keyboard for his Ultraboook this. Powered by the latest Intel Core processors, HP Folio13 also Intel Rapid Start Technology, which is able to save time and increase the battery life when on stand-by. Features HP CoolSense was included in it, with Accelerometer technology that can adjust this Ultrabook conditions, either Portrait or Landscape as the condition. Continue reading “HP Ultrabook For Young Executives”

Ideas for wedding bouquets

Ah, spring, a time of new beginnings, new life grass, more hot days and a time of great year for a beautiful wedding. Spring brings a new set of blooming flowers that are beautiful in your special day for a spring wedding can be integrated authentic.

If you have opted for a spring wedding, seasonal flowers to offer to add a fresh note of the natural day. Part of the beauty of flowers is delicate fragility, but if you are worried about your flowers damaged because wedding insurance can provide trustworthy financial security.
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Nokia Champagne, Netbook Tablet PC Simultaneously

Finnish tech giant is unlikely to cease to compete in the world of gadgets. After successfully selling Lumia handsets to exceed the one million units, Nokia began to look forward to launching new products. Through a photo that has spread to the Internet, Nokia seemed to give the signs that the company will soon release a new tablet PC.

Previously, as CEO Stephen Elop Nokia also had said that they will soon release a new product during his visit to Brazil, November 2011. On the occasion, Elop also said that Nokia plans to produce some strategies regarding the launch of new products including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition, an application called “I’m WP7!”, An application that often leaked some products gadgets that will soon be launched to the market, also have give information about the possibility of a product called “Nokia Champagne” which will be released mid to late this.
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Some features or Asian women and girls regarding marriage

Asian women are popular among the most sought after wedding, especially Western men. They differ from most Western women because of their nature and the fact that they carefully put their husbands. Unlike Western women, Asian women’s characteristics revolve around family and relationships first with their husbands, rather than for his career. From a young age, Asian girls from their parents and grandparents learned to be respectful and courteous to others. In addition, they are also taught very quiet and graceful in the way they carry themselves. Not only are they known for their exotic beauty, but they are also very popular for kind, patient, clean and fair. Loyalty, especially in marriage, is one of the most important gold properties that Asian women possess. Asian culture and customs of marriage and the family. From a young age, they learn to be honest and faithful to their husbands. An Asian woman is going to try their best to their traditional customs and family preservation principles. It is interesting to note that research on divorce rates in most Asian countries shows that it is considerably lower than that of the West. These statistics provide a great re-assurance that Western men who want long-lasting marriages. Continue reading “Some features or Asian women and girls regarding marriage”

PlayBook OS 2.0 Not Too Perfect

With the approach of the end of February, the closer the time of the release of the latest gadgets is also owned by Research In Motion (RIM), which has been eagerly awaited. The plan, RIM will present its newest product at the same time throw, PlayBook OS 2.0, to the market.

RIM said the PlayBook OS 2.0 will be equipped with various facilities which allowed him to overtake other tablet PC that has been circulating in the market. PlayBook version will be filled with amenities native email, contacts and calendar functions. This gadget will also be strengthened by the ability to run Android applications.

But it must still be recognized that the PlayBook OS 2.0 is a bit late in terms of upgrading. As you well know, the RIM PlayBook had declared that the first version of the “iPad killer” or iPad killer. However, because it is not equipped with the facilities and the ability to send email, the product must undergo slump in the market.
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Google and Apple 7-inch Tablet War

Google is now brewing a new project in the field of tablet PCs. By working with gadget manufacturers Asus, Google plans to produce cheap tablet for consumers. The plan impact to the resignation of the launch of new tablet PC Asus, the Asus Memo 370T, at least until July 2012.

Withdrawal of the product launch schedule is suspected due to Google and Asus desire to change the design of the tablet. Asus Memo 370T was first showcased in January 2012 ago. Asus had mentioned that they will release a tablet with a quad-core processor with the new price of $ 250.

Through an unnamed source, the site of The Verge also reports that Asus and Google currently redesigning a new tablet PC. They mentioned will produce a tablet with a size of 7 inches. However, sources claimed that the latest products will be thrown into the market in the second quarter of 2012. With these gadgets, The Verge also mentions that Google-Asus will provide the lowest possible price.
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