Local Quality Tablet World

A local product just hit the Android tablet computer market. PT Berca Chakra tablet technology introduced Relion RealPad Bunaken. Judging from the specifications are quite attractive for a local product.

Equipped with quad core processor and Android 4.0 operating system or called Ice Cream Sandwich. This kind of tablet PC specs yet encountered. Even in products made by global vendors though.

RealPad Bunaken has a 10 inch screen sizes. The body is quite solid with cast metal giving rise to a solid impression. Weighing up to 560 grams and a thickness of 8.4 mm.

Be comfortable but should be – careful that the tablet does not slip and fall because the tablet is a bit slippery.

Section on the screen itself is already using a protective scratch resistant Gorilla Glass. A significant plus so users fairly quiet during use. At the very least, it can withstand scratches – minor scratches.
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Is love enough for a happy marriage?

Often, men and women have doubts about whether they marry. They do not know if their love is something they get in tough times that every marriage faces. This is not unusual, but there is something before you tackle your wedding day. Love is very important to work for a wedding. Just like your marriage is looming more and you start to doubt about it, think about how you got through love before.

Face your fears
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Social Networking Still Crimes Act

Social networking sites are already rapidly adopted by the world community. Almost every individual, whether or not having a mobile gadget, certainly have at least one account for every social network available, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other sites. The proximity of our social networking sites even almost can not be released easily.

For some users and surfers in cyberspace, social networking sites are often used as a replacement tool diary or journal. Almost all daily activities that we think are important, as we shall be distributed to those who become friends on Facebook or followers on the Twitter network. Unfortunately, the definition equation diary with sites Facebook and Twitter are really wrong.

More recently, a young woman in Australia was helping his grandmother to calculate the amount of pension money. Unfortunately, the grandson has acted a bit sloppy. When finished counting all her money, 17-year-old girl was taking a picture of a pile of money, and put it on his Facebook wall.

Through these actions, the grandson might think that his actions would look funny when his friends saw that picture. Unfortunately, the picture piles of money is not only seen by friends of the girls.
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HP TouchSmart 610 Touch Screen

Hewlett Packard back offers innovative touch-screen desktop PC. One computer vendor in the world to present the first HP TouchSmart PC with a monitor capable of reclining up to 60 degrees. The reclining capabilities makes the user can adjust the degree of tilt monitor with comfort after each user.

With a sleek design and a clean and concise. HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC enforceable or tilted up to nearly flat. This reclining capabilities will create a comfortable addition to its users, both from the individual and businesses will also make it easier to operate.

Such help simplify the business when you’re dealing and interacting with customers.

“As a player in the field of touch screen computing, HP can never stop innovating and always brings in a variety of quality improvement in every generation TouchSmart PC,” said Jane Ritonga, Market Development Manager, Desktop PCs, Personal Systems Group, HP Indonesia.

Of creating a work of creative art, play games, to support the front-desk interaction with customers – where eye contact is important, the latest HP TouchSmart PCs offer the ability to monitor the movement of a more flexible, superior viewing angles, as well as the touch screen experience intuitive.
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Top 3 of the most important ways to avoid divorce

When most couples have been married for a long time and are still in love, what is the secret of their success to ask a great many of them give you a brief answer in three words, communication, respect and confidence. These three things are what makes the foundation of any relationship, but are particularly important for a wedding. Any problems that may arise in a relationship, generally a lack of one of these three principles, and most of them can be attributed canceled. There is one exception, which may be difficult or dangerous to forgive, and that violence and abuse. If one of the people expressed in the relationship of this kind of behavior towards each other, the best option is an immediate divorce. Abuse against three of the basic principle of the relationship and should never be ignored. On the other hand, most other relational problems by improving these three areas are eliminated.
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Vandroid T1C Exodus Advan Tablet PC

Dynamic modern world now requires every person to be able to activities with smart, fast, precise, and accurate. Wherever they may be but still fun. It required a practical and handy gadget to carry around just like a Tablet PC.

Tablet device in the world especially in the Asia-Pacific region, except Japan is predicted to experience a huge growth spurt. IDC said that of the 2 million unit shipments that occurred in 2010 will increase to 21 million unit shipments in 2015. No wonder Tablet PC has now become a necessity for the urban present.

Its use is also limited as needs and function but at the same time serve as a lifestyle. As if there is something missing if you do not take it during activity. Responding to the increasing market needs, Advan bring Vandroid T1C, a Tablet PC with an awesome performance by using chipsets made by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, America.

Advan T1C is a tablet PC with a pick multifinger touch sensitivity is excellent. Just a light touch of a finger you can directly access and search applications are available in it.
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Samsung Series 5 Release Ultrabook

Competition for market share ultrabook increasingly hot. Just look at the last CES 2012, there were 17 ultrabook on display, and ready to hit the market. Despite the presence of these new thin laptop for the rest of corn, some vendors are starting to see this as a “gold mine” just after the era of netbooks and tablets. “This year, ultrabook,” said Sung Khiun, Information Technology Business Director of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, on Tuesday last week.

Sung optimistic ultrabook has a bright future in Indonesia. Because ultrabook growth in world markets always go up from year to year. Last year, for example, there are about 4 million ultrabook units that rains into the world computer market and absorbed properly. This year that number rose to 14 million units, and predicted to continue to rise almost double in 2013.

Some ultrabook which will flood the market this year including Lenovo Yoga, Acer Aspire S5, HP Spectre, and Toshiba Portage.

Samsung did not miss the jazz market. However, as said Sung, Samsung wants to look different than other ultrabook. For that Samsung set ultrabook with storage capacity in the form of hard disk of 500 GB to 1 TB, plus 16 GB solid-state drive (SSD).
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Common marriage problems that lead to divorce

There are many signs that your relationship and may have suffered a steady decline. There are no two relationships are the same, but there are some common signs that you may be in an unhealthy relationship. If you feel unhappy start, it takes some time to understand that it is your wedding. The source of most problems This does not mean that divorce is the only solution, but it does mean that you need to solve serious problems in your relationship if you want to survive. If you observe your behavior and one or more of the following examples to study, you must decide if the value of your relationship, repair, or if it’s time to divorce and move.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Skip the iPad 3

On March 7, 2012, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has just presented the launch of the latest generation of the iPad will be coming soon in mid-March 2012. On the occasion, Cook has also appeared on stage to give a presentation on the advantages of the iPad compared to its competitors, Android and Samsung. However, Samsung did not take long to reply to Apple.

After Cook completed his presentation and expose all the specifications of the new iPad at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Samsung immediately confirmed the launch of its newest product called Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The presence of these new products seem to not only compete, but to hit the dominance of iPad in the tablet PC world, especially before the emergence of the third generation.

The presence of Galaxy Note 10.1 clearly wanted to challenge the presence of the iPad. With a specification that looks almost perfect, Samsung managed Apple’s position in the competitive tablet PC. Some of the things that make the Galaxy Note excels is its ability to run two applications at once at the same time, as well as enabling us to work with two applications side by side.

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Best ways to a quick divorce

There are several ways to develop opinions about what the man is like a divorce. Hollywood has portrayed their version of what is distinctive in film and television for decades. However, as the stories of Hollywood glamor often forget the harsh reality. Celebrity divorces are also well known and tested by anyone, but these distinctions are not the best examples of the average divorce because most couples are not celebrities have the same financial situation. Divorce is a long process that requires a lot of communication and even some compromise. If you are considering divorce to discuss with your partner, you should keep in mind that the package start and the house is only the beginning. There are many tasks to accomplish before the end of the process. Here are some details that need to be developed before dissolving your marriage.
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